Sunday, September 30, 2012

News Flash!

Dear Ian,

Remember this post?  Well, if not, it was all about how Daddy and I are surprising you with a trip to Walt Disney World just before your third birthday.  We've been sitting on this little secret for a month or so now, and today we finally told you all about it!  You were so excited!  But instead of me just telling you about it, I took pictures so you would be able to look back and see your reaction.  I couldn't find my video camera, so stills will have to do.  But you know what they say about pictures being worth a few words...

For our little surprise ambush, Daddy and I put a brochure on Disney and a map of the Magic Kingdom in an envelope.  I wrote on the envelope "To Ian, Love Mommy and Daddy."  Then we sat you on the couch and told you that in honor of your birthday, we were going to have a special family treat.  You asked if it was a train, and when we showed you the envelope, we could tell you were officially confused. 
 Here is Daddy reading you the front of the envelope. 
 Carefully opening your envelope. 
 So very serious.
 Here you are "reading" the brochure.  You weren't quite understanding it, so Daddy and I asked you who was on the cover of the brochure....
 ... You flipped it over and said, "Mickey Mouse!"
 Then you held up the map.  We said that we would need a map because we were going to...
 Disney World!!  Finally!  You understood what the hell we were getting to!  Love that face.  You look totally thrilled, which made all the secrecy worth it. 
 Talking to Daddy about how excited you are to be going to Disney.
 You and Daddy looking at the attractions in the Magic Kingdom and planning your itinerary. 
 Who's excited about going to Disney World?!  This guy!
 Mommy made you a little countdown chart thingie to help you understand how many days are left until we leave.  Here you are hanging up the first number on your countdown.  As of that moment, we leave in 12 days!
So excited and happy!

I absolutely cannot wait to do this with you.  I have made a little car kit for you to have on the way down, and it too will be a surprise.  There's stickers in there, a mini Magna-doodle (which you already owned, but hey.)  Crayons, paper, a new Mickey Mouse road trip book and a few other Mickey odds and ends to help you get into the spirit of our trip. 

I'm so glad we chose to surprise you with the news of the trip.  Now it's just a matter of waiting the next 12 days before we get to go have a blast at the park.  I can't wait to spend the day there with you and Daddy.  (And your friend Issa and her Mommy and Daddy.  They are going, too.)

Love you bunches!

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