Friday, September 7, 2012


Dear Ian,

I seem to recall mentioning that one of your favorite things to do with Daddy is to curl up on the couch and watch old episodes of Star Trek.  It's honestly one of my favorite things see, too.

Anyhoo.  The other day, our friend the UPS Man delivered us something in a big box, and we decided to recycle it into something fun.  Everyone knows that a small child's favorite toy, despite millions of advertising dollars spent heralding fancy toys, is an empty cardboard box.

And you wanted your box to be turned into a rocket ship.

So today, you and I made it happen.  I hacked off flaps and then reattached them as wings.  We mixed up some light blue paint (at your request) and went out on the front porch to paint.  Once it was dry, we added the details.  I have to admit, it's pretty dang cute, and I sorta wish I was little enough to play in it.  I'm going to let the rest of this post be photos of you and your new cardboard rocket ship, and maybe we can go the planetarium this weekend and watch the movie with the same title.

 Painting on the heat shield for a safe re-entry.  (Mommy is a mega-nerd today.)
 Your finished control panel.  See the Enterprise!  The buttons are actually large rhinestones.  Thank goodness I found a purpose for them.
 My thrilled little star-ship captain. 
 You actually said, "I'm flying to Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock!"  Daddy would be so proud.
 Playing in your rocket.  This is 15 minutes in.  God bless cheap toys.

  I interrupted your play.  You were really into it, so you look a little startled in this picture. 

I'm so thrilled that you are having such a good time.  You keep thanking me for making it with you over and over, and that just melts my heart.  It's time to put your ship in space dock now and take a bath, but I'm sure you'll be back in there tomorrow, exploring new worlds and new civilizations.  And boldly going where no three year old has gone before!

Live long and prosper,
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