Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Dear Ian,

Little boy, I love the way your mind works.  Most of the time it makes me laugh, some of the time it makes me crazy, but all of the time, I love hearing what you think.

The other day we had a snake in our yard.  Thankfully it was just a little two foot long non-poisonous little bugger, but it was a snake no less.  After giving you the fear of God speech on why we never, ever touch snakes, run away, etc., I got a broom and chased him off.  We came inside and you told Daddy all about it.
Ian:  Daddy, there was a snake in the yard.
Daddy:  Really?  What happened to it.
Ian: Mommy chased it with a broom.
Daddy:  And did he run away?
Ian:  Well he didn't have any legs, so he didn't run.  But he go-ed.

I love how literal you are.

Recently you have discovered cloud watching, and you like to tell me all the different shapes you see in the sky.  Here's a conversation we had the other day...
Ian: *after sitting quietly in the car for a bit, and while I was coming to a stop at a traffic light:  MOMMY!!!  A JET SKI!!
Mommy: *after recovering from the heart attack you gave me with your outburst:  Where?!
Ian:  Right there!!
Mommy: I dont see one, Bear.  I see a truck and a car and a trailer, but no jet ski.
Ian:  *with disdain:  No, Mom.  In the sky right there.  See that cloud?

And then there's this gem.  Again, I love how your mind works.

You, Daddy and I were driving and stopped at a light. We were sitting right next to a wedding dress shop, and I was commenting on how pretty the dresses were.  You looked over and described them to me.  I've included a picture so it would make a little more sense...  Sorry it's kind of small and far away, but here goes.

Ian:  That dress in the middle looks like a heart, Mommy.  See it?
Mommy:  Yes, I do see it, Buddy, and it does look like a heart.
Ian.  That dress next to it looks like a kangaroo.  See his ears?

This cracked me up.  I guess it does sorta look like a kangaroo.  Sadly, this means I will probably never get to wear a dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves like this, because it will forever remind me that I look like I'm wearing a kangaroo.

I never know what is going to come out of your mouth next.  On one hand, this just thrills me.  I get a different, honest and innocent perspective on the world.  But then on the other hand, it just terrifies me that I never know what you're about to say.  Or to whom you are going to say it.  We gotta start working on your inner-monologue-filter.  Need to make sure some things stay in eventually.  But for now, keep 'em coming, Buddy.  Your thoughts just make my day. 

I love you,
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