Thursday, September 27, 2012

Photographic Evidence

Dear Ian,

A while back, when you were just a little squirt about six months old or so, I took this picture of you:

We had been playing outside during the afternoon, and at some point, I put you on the tops of my shins, lay down and snapped this picture.  It's one of my favorites, and we have it printed extra huge and hanging in the house.  

Fast forward about two years and a few months, and once again you and I were playing outside.  This time, however, your play was a little more rough-and-tumble.  You were leaping and jumping and crawling all over me I sat in the yard.  Then I got the idea to "Superman" you by putting you on my shins and lifting you in the air as I was again on my back.  That spawned the memory of this photo, and it prompted me to find my camera and try this shot again.  

Here you are, same pose and such, almost three years later. 

The difference in you is just amazing.  Look at how much you've grown and changed in just a short couple of years!  I was noticing the other day while watching you on the playground that your face is losing it's baby fat.  You are growing up from a toddler into a little boy.  And you're looking more and more like a bigger boy than that.  And here we have photographic proof of just how much you have changed.  Sniff.

You're growing up so much and so fast that it's making my head spin.  Actually the head spinning could be from the trying moments we are having every now and then, but I'm going to be nice and say it's from how fast you are growing.

Sad to say, I probably wont get many more photos in this particular pose.  You're getting particularly heavy, and you wiggle so much, that just to get this one I almost suffered a broken nose.  You really enjoyed falling off my knees face first.  Thankfully we all survived in one piece, and I got another special photo of you.

You're my baby, not matter what,
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