Sunday, September 30, 2012

Open House (and Works of Art #39)

Dear Ian,

The other day, Daddy and I got the opportunity to take a peek into your day at your school's open house.  Daddy got to do most of the peeking, as I had to be in my class for our open house, too, but I did get a minute to sneak in and take a few pictures.  Ms. Katie and Ms. Mallory made fun of me a little, but hey, it's me...  I'm sure they have come to expect a little craziness from your Mommy.

Anyway... Here are a few pictures from your Open House.
Here's a picture of your classroom from the cubby shelf and door.  It dawned on me that I didn't have a picture of your room!  It's so cute, and it's filled with your class' art.  You have your own cubby for your lunch and stuff, and there's a fish in your room!  

 This is a project hanging in your room.  Your class made houses out of shapes!  So cute. 
 My class did this very same project.  This is your Family Quilt, and each of your friends made a square for the quilt in art with Ms. Lynn. 
 Here's your Family Quilt Square.  I love how we are all purple.  But I did notice that we have bodies.   That's pretty good work there little man!
 This little guy is you.  Ms. Katie said that even though you know your eyes are blue, you wanted purple button eyes on your little man.  Typical Ian.
 This is the cover of a little packet of art that you did to show Daddy and I what you've been up to in your classroom.  Inside we have:
 ...an All About You paper.  According to this, your name is Ian, you're two years old, with no siblings.  Your favorite food is veal parmessean, your favorite book is Pete the Cat and you love to play with your tractors.  And guess what you're favorite color is?
 Here are your handprints... self explanatory.
 A collage of your favorite foods.  And these actually ARE some of your favorite foods. 
 Awww.  I LOVE this.  This is YOU!  Your self portrait is pretty dang accurate.  And so cute, just like you.
More purple.  Love it, little man.  

So that's it.  Daddy had a really good time getting to look around your room and meet the other parents.  I'm glad he got the opportunity, too.  I at least get to see you playing as I move with my class from place to place.  Poor Daddy doesn't get those little glimpses like I do, so I think this was really special for him.  It made us both proud though, to see the work you've been doing.  You always make us proud.

Love always,
Mommy and Daddy
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