Sunday, September 29, 2013

Melt My Heart

Dear Ian,

As of late, your Daddy has been doing a lot of travel for work.  You and I have been holding down the fort for most of September, and you have done a great job as Mommy's helper when the rubber hit the road and it was just the two of us.  It has been a bit of a challenge; there have been moments when I really needed Daddy's extra set of eyes and hands, but for the most part, things have run pretty smoothly.  Except for when we really just missed him.

It was sweet to hear you say things like, "We had a good dinner, Mom.  I wish Daddy had been home to share it with us."  And then there was the time you were mad at me and you really wanted your Daddy because Mommy was just a big meanie. 

But mean mommy aside, things went well.  And technology actually ended up being our Daddy lifeline.  We got to see him on the other side of the planet via the magic of Skype.  He showed you his hotel rooms, showed us the view out of windows and got to see your Lego space ship we built on the day you were throwing up everywhere and we had to stay home from school.  And on that note, WHY, Son, must you get sick when it's just me at home with you on a work/school day?!  Oh well. We survived. 

The night Daddy left, you said you missed him and wished you could tell him you loved him as I tucked you into bed.  Again, using our new friend Technology, we were able to do just that.  We sent Daddy this:
I had just recently taught you the sign for "I love you," so we sent it to Daddy.  Thankfully he got it right before he got on his flight to Europe, so he sent this back to you:
You were so excited to get this text, and it made your whole night.  And it made me so happy to see the great relationship you have with your Daddy.  The two of you just melt my heart, and I realize once again just how lucky I am to have you both.

Love always,

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Avast Ye, Me Donuts!

Dear Ian,

Today was an interesting day.  It was National Talk Like A Pirate Day.  Yes, you read that correctly.  National Talk Like A Pirate Day.  I have no idea what this country is thinking anymore, but I have to admit, this was kinda fun.

Your class pirate ship mast. 
I didn't get a picture of the whole "ship"
Funny enough, your class has been learning about pirates.  Well, kind of.  Ms. Jackie and Ms. Jan created an interesting spin on the typical "All About Me" unit that most classes do at the beginning of the year.  Your class has "Pirate-ified" yourselves!  And it has been really cool to observe.  Your teachers turned your classroom into a pirate ship! They had a big cardboard cut-out pirate ship, complete with a mast and crow's nest, and they borrowed the balance beams from the music teaching Ms. Jan for a "plank" for you all to walk on.  They put numbers on the plank so you can count while you walk, too.  Brilliant.  You've learned a whole new vocabulary, complete with calling your dear old mom a "scurvy dog," and you've read some fun books like How I Became A Pirate.  More artwork from this lesson/theme will come home soon, I'm sure. 

But anyway...  National Talk Like A Pirate Day was picked up by the powers that be at Krispy Kreme Donuts, and if you went into their store and talked like a pirate, you got a free glazed donut.  If you dressed like a pirate, you received a full free dozen donuts.  You and I headed over after nap, and you "Arghed" your way to a free glazed.  Unfortunately, they were behind in donut production, so we settled from a cup of donut holes so you could just go ahead and eat.  Turns out this was a super idea on Mommy's part, because then the place filled up with pirates.  All waiting for donuts.  It started to get ugly.

You had a fun time, though.  While munching your donut holes, you got to watch the donut machine hard at work, creating more donuts for that fleet of pirates that happened to come in after us.  It was really fun to see some of the costumes; there are people in this town with no shame, and they will do anything for free "Hot and Ready" glazed Krispy Kremes.  I wish I could have taken a picture without them noticing.

Here are a couple of pictures from our pirate/donut adventure:
 My little pirate and his donut-y treasure.  You made this awesome hat at school, and it was great that it went home today.
Watching the donut machine.  This was completely fascinating for you.  And for me.  Mmmmm.  Sugar glaze....

Argh, my little pirate.  Mommy loves you!

Works of Art #43

Dear Ian,

Hi Bear!  You've been working away at school, and it's so neat to see your projects starting to come home.  It gives us an idea of the things you've been working on and learning.  Without any further ado, let's jump into this artsy blog post.

This is Pete the Cat, hero of his own awesome book series.  Your teachers have been using his books on which to base their lessons.  It's been really fun to hear you sing all of Pete's songs.  He sings about his shoes and his buttons, and probably more, but these are the two I've heard the most. You made your very own Pete, and I think he looks great!
 Continuing the Pete thing:  He has a book about rocking his new school shoes.  Your teachers made this bulletin board which showed all of your classmate's shoes and the things they liked to do in them.  Here are your shoes and what you like to do.
And here is a shoe that you decorated.  Looks good, Bear!
This art is based on Pete the Cat's Four Groovy Buttons.  You and your classmates brought in buttons from home, and all kinds of activities stemmed from there.  Here you've created your I for Ian out of buttons.  
This last piece of art is one that you made in my classroom one morning after helping me set up.  It's so pretty.  I have it hanging on my little wall space in my room so I can see it every day.  I love how the colors are in order and that you really took your time with it.  It makes me smile.  

Love you bunches!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Iliad (def: epic poem) of Homer

Dear Ian,

Reading through our summer blog posts reminded me that I missed one event in particular that I know you will one day want to re-live.  Remember this post?  It's all about how you worked really hard to convince me that you were ready to take on the car of a dog.  It was pretty hilarious how you treated your stuffed dog, Gus, like a real pup.

Well, this summer, you got the opportunity to "own" a dog for a whole week.  Ms. Windy, a friend from Mommy's book club, went on a vacation and needed someone to watch over her dog, Homer.  Daddy was also going to be out of town the same week, so I figured, why not?  Homer is the absolute sweetest pup.  He's an older Boston Terrier who's had some vision difficulties.  Poor dude is completely blind, but he had a great time with you, and honestly, I could have not asked for a more chill dog for you to play with.

Every morning you would come downstairs and give him a pat and serve him breakfast.  I never once had to remind you to take care of him.  Then you'd help him outside, and the two of you would play in the yard for a while.  It was so cute to see you out there petting him, leading him around and talking to him.  Your days were full of compliments for Homer, too.  Stuff like, "Mommy, Homer is the sweetest pup, isn't he?" came out of your mouth the whole week.  I had to keep reminding you that Homer's mom would eventually be home to get him.  You were the best dog sitter.

Homer also gave us some funny moments.  He would occasionally pass gas, and unfortunately for all of us, it was kinda stinky.  You thought this was absolutely hilarious.  You had the brilliant idea to get your whoopie cushion, and every time you'd smell an odor, you'd blow it up, sit on it and announce, "HOMER TOOT!"  It was pretty funny.  Homer was a great sport and took it all in stride.

At the end of the week, you were definitely sad to see Homer go.  You ask about him still, and you frequently comment that we can puppy sit him again.  I promised to tell Ms. Windy that, and I think she'd be ok with Homer visiting every now and again.

I was very proud of your responsibility and how you took care of Homer.  Maybe one day soon we can add a pup to our family.  For now, we're very lucky to have Homer and Ms. Windy as friends, so they can visit and play.

Thanks, Homer, for visiting and being such a sweet pup!  We had a blast!  And great job, Bear.  You made me proud.


*I'm sad to report that about a week after I posted this letter, Homer passed away.  He was such a sweet dog, and we are lucky to have been able to spend a bit of time with him.  Much love to his family and to Homer.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Works of Art #42

Dear Ian,

Since we're back to school and all,  it's time to start up the Works of Art posts once again, to help with the stacks of art you bring home from school.  Without this photographic recording, our house would be one ginormous fire hazard.  So, here we go with the art from this 2013-2014 school year:

You told me that this was a drawing that you made in Art Class with Ms. Lynn.  It's a picture of all kinds of lines.  You pointed out squiggles and straight lines and were so very proud of your picture.
This is a drawing you also drew in Art Class with different kinds of chalk and pastels.  Luckily, my class did the same project, so I can expand and tell you that this is based on the Impressionist style of art, specifically Edgar Degas.  I love his paintings of ballet dancers.  But I digress.  Back to Ian art.
One more piece of art from Art Class with Ms. Lynn.  This is a paper and glue piece inspired by the book, Shapes That Roll.  You told me that it's made with all kinds of shapes that are primary colors.  Then you proceeded to tell me all of the secondary colors you can make when you mix primary colors. Smart boy...
This last piece of art you made in your classroom.  Ms. Jackie and Ms. Jan have been creating all sorts of cool lessons and projects based on the Pete The Cat books.  This artwork is inspired by Pete The Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons.  You told me all about painting the paper and then you sewed around the edges.  Very cool, Little Bear.

I love all of the art and work you bring home from school.  It's a neat way to get a glimpse into what goes on in your day, your class, and your little brain.  And it totally makes me smile.

Here's to more art and more fun!
Love always,