Sunday, September 29, 2013

Melt My Heart

Dear Ian,

As of late, your Daddy has been doing a lot of travel for work.  You and I have been holding down the fort for most of September, and you have done a great job as Mommy's helper when the rubber hit the road and it was just the two of us.  It has been a bit of a challenge; there have been moments when I really needed Daddy's extra set of eyes and hands, but for the most part, things have run pretty smoothly.  Except for when we really just missed him.

It was sweet to hear you say things like, "We had a good dinner, Mom.  I wish Daddy had been home to share it with us."  And then there was the time you were mad at me and you really wanted your Daddy because Mommy was just a big meanie. 

But mean mommy aside, things went well.  And technology actually ended up being our Daddy lifeline.  We got to see him on the other side of the planet via the magic of Skype.  He showed you his hotel rooms, showed us the view out of windows and got to see your Lego space ship we built on the day you were throwing up everywhere and we had to stay home from school.  And on that note, WHY, Son, must you get sick when it's just me at home with you on a work/school day?!  Oh well. We survived. 

The night Daddy left, you said you missed him and wished you could tell him you loved him as I tucked you into bed.  Again, using our new friend Technology, we were able to do just that.  We sent Daddy this:
I had just recently taught you the sign for "I love you," so we sent it to Daddy.  Thankfully he got it right before he got on his flight to Europe, so he sent this back to you:
You were so excited to get this text, and it made your whole night.  And it made me so happy to see the great relationship you have with your Daddy.  The two of you just melt my heart, and I realize once again just how lucky I am to have you both.

Love always,

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