Thursday, September 19, 2013

Works of Art #43

Dear Ian,

Hi Bear!  You've been working away at school, and it's so neat to see your projects starting to come home.  It gives us an idea of the things you've been working on and learning.  Without any further ado, let's jump into this artsy blog post.

This is Pete the Cat, hero of his own awesome book series.  Your teachers have been using his books on which to base their lessons.  It's been really fun to hear you sing all of Pete's songs.  He sings about his shoes and his buttons, and probably more, but these are the two I've heard the most. You made your very own Pete, and I think he looks great!
 Continuing the Pete thing:  He has a book about rocking his new school shoes.  Your teachers made this bulletin board which showed all of your classmate's shoes and the things they liked to do in them.  Here are your shoes and what you like to do.
And here is a shoe that you decorated.  Looks good, Bear!
This art is based on Pete the Cat's Four Groovy Buttons.  You and your classmates brought in buttons from home, and all kinds of activities stemmed from there.  Here you've created your I for Ian out of buttons.  
This last piece of art is one that you made in my classroom one morning after helping me set up.  It's so pretty.  I have it hanging on my little wall space in my room so I can see it every day.  I love how the colors are in order and that you really took your time with it.  It makes me smile.  

Love you bunches!

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