Thursday, January 27, 2011

Current Events

Dear Ian,

Here's a list of things you are doing as of late. I hope you dont get tired of reading these little lists, because while they can seem a little silly, they are part of what makes the growing-up-you you. If that makes any sense.

So here we go. As of right now, you are 15 and a half months old, and here are the funny, neat and sometimes corny things you are doing.

* You love to fake sneeze. See the video attached below. It's really funny, especially when you do the sneezes that have like six big breaths building them up.
* As evidenced by the video, you still FLAT OUT refuse to say Mama. You only call me when you really need me. Turkey
* You blow your own nose. And I mean, really blow your nose. Content and everything. About half of the time you throw the tissue away when you are finished.
* One of your favorite past times recently is flushing the potty. It's your new entertainment.
* You really seem to be expanding your empathy skills. We have a new baby in the house (Olivia's little sister Leanna), and whenever she cries, you go to her, give her pat pats and look for me to help her.
* You are getting really good at building with your big legos (mega bloks). Just today, you helped me build a tower almost as tall as you!
* "Uh oh" is now a common phrase around our house
* And I think you mimicked me saying "Oooo-kay." It's a habit I have; I will stand up and say "Okay" before we move on to our next activity.
* Bubbles (see previous post) are your new favorite bath time activity.
* You are getting REALLY good at feeding yourself with a spoon and fork. You can even "stab" your bites that you cant scoop onto your utensil.

So, yes, by the time you are old enough to read all of this, these little things, like your ability to blow your own nose, will seem a little ho-hum. But to your daddy and me, each and every little thing you do makes our day.

Love you bunches,

Monday, January 24, 2011

Works of Art #3

Dear Ian,
Mommy is a bit behind on your art project updates. Here you are fingerpainting with Valentine's Day colors. We put these pictures up on the bulletin board over your changing table as our decorations for Valentine's Day. Turned out really cute! You painted half of the background, and your friend Sarah P. painted the other half.


Works of Art #2

Dear Ian,
Here is the card that you and I made Daddy for his birthday. You did a great job coloring with crayons.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Words!

Dear Ian,
Because I am your mommy this next sentence will of course be biased: you are a smart little dude. There are moments when I am just blown away by how much you understand and comprehend. I can tell you to go to your room, get your socks and bring them to me, and you will! For a 15 month old, that's pretty dang good. And then there's your spatial reasoning... blah blah, child development stuff. BUT! We have had somewhat of a hard time understanding and comprehending what comes out of YOUR mouth. You see, you are a man of few words. Literally. Oh sure, you say Dada all the time, Mama only when your life depends on it, but that has been pretty much it. Until today.

You and I have added a new element to bath time recently; we've been blowing bubbles. Night after night, I have been hyperventilating and blowing bubbles while enunciating the word like crazy. "BUB-ble! BUB-ble!" Finally, a reward for my efforts. I was on the phone with your Grandma Brooks, and we were talking about getting you talking, and I mentioned our new bath time thing, and I guess you over heard me. You headed to the bathroom (Daddy was in the vicinity), and you went up to him and said "bub-bah." YAY! So, of course we went out on the porch (in 40 something degree weather) and fulfilled your request. And I, of course, took photos.

YAY! Your first real, meaningful word! I'm sure you are just saving the rest of them up for some important time. Any day now, you are going to walk out of your bedroom, and in your sweet little Ian voice say, "Momma, I cant reach my Lovey. Come on!"

Hugs and Kisses,

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Growin' Up, Not Out

Dear Ian,

Two days ago, I took you to your 15 month check up at the pediatrician. Holy Moly, it just seems like yesterday that we were there for your first appointment ever when you were just five days old. Anyhoo...

As always, you were very good during the waiting process, but now that you are a little older, actually having your exam is apparently cause for tears. You did ok, but you weren't wild about having your ears checked or when Doctor Martin looked in your throat.

At 15 months old, you are growing like a weed. But, like the title of this post hints, you are growing up and not out. You are a tall and skinny little dude, and I attribute that to all of the running around you do. You eat like a HORSE! For example, just this morning, you ate one and a half (I had a small portion) scrambled eggs, a whole package of instant cheese grits and about four cut-up strawberries. And you still had room to beg for bites of Daddy's oatmeal! Where are you putting it, Son?

Since your baby book only records your developmental stats up until one year old, I have taken a picture of your weight, height and head circumference paper, and I wrote this post. Forgive me. In order to remember things, I have to write them down. And I'm glad that I have this habit. When I looked back at your three-month-old appoitment stats, which was exactly one year from this most recent 15month appointment, I noticed that you have grown exactly 10 inches in a year. Wow!

So here's hoping for more healthy, happy(er) check-ups!

Love always,

Monday, January 10, 2011

Toddler Life #4

You know you are a parent of a toddler when...

... all but one of your amazon.com recommendations are geared toward someone aged three or younger...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Works of Art #1

Dear Ian,
You and I do a lot of art, and it's starting to build up around the house. I hate to throw it away, because I want to be able to show you how your art progressed throughout the years. But then again, I don't want to have piles and piles of construction paper creations to sort out. How in the world could I have my cake and eat it too? And then it hit me. Technology is my friend.

So now your baby-book-blog will also be a gallery for all of your works of art! Of course I have saved your very first project we ever did together, and some of the projects we have done together already got demolished by your, let's call it, curious exploration of my art cart, but from here on out, your art will be photographed and turned into zeros and ones (ask your daddy) and safe on our computer. And a back-up cd. Because, as much as I love technology, the feeling is not always mutual.
Here are three pieces of your recent art work. First is a finger painting picture that you made after we made Hand print Christmas Trees. Remind me to ask one of the Grandma's to take a photo of them and email them to you. Then there's your Geometric Christmas Tree that we made out of construction paper. I put the glue on the triangles, and then you stuck them to the paper. Last we have the marker art that we did today. Thank goodness for washable markers, that's all I have to say. You had a blue goatee before it was all over.

I'm excited about this new addition to your blog. It will be neat for both you and me; we can both look at your pretty pictures whenever we want, and we wont have a potential fire hazard due to a buildup of construction paper.
Love always,

Monday, January 3, 2011


Dear Ian,

It's the New Year, and that means it's time for us grown ups to list the things we resolve to do this year. I wasn't sure if I was going to write this post, but then I decided that if I write it down, post it for all the internet to see, and have it staring me in the face for the whole of 2011, maybe it would help motivate me. It's not just a list of things that I want to do for me, but they are for you and Daddy as well, so I have broken them down like that. Ready? Here goes...

Mommy's Resolutions for Ian:
1. I resolve to start filling your mornings with activities that you would most likely encounter in a preschool classroom. Color recognition games, more art, more books... Since I spent so much time as a teacher, I sometimes worry that I'm not giving you the head start that I helped give the children that I used to teach.
2. I reslove to try to not worry about the house when we are having fun. This will be a toughie for me.
3. See first resolution for Mommy...

Mommy's Resolutions for Daddy:
1. I reslove to do whatever I can to make sure that Daddy and I have an hour of quiet time together every night. No laptop, no housework. Just us sitting and talking. That's the core of this little family.
2. I resolve to help keep at least two nights a month set aside as "date nights." I will need help from the Grands on this one, but they LOVE to spend time with you.
3. See first resolution for Mommy...

Mommy's Resolutions for Mommy...
1. I resolve to get myself in better, healthier shape for the sake of myself and my family. A fit Mommy is able to run and play and have energy for her baby boy, and a fit wife is a happier wife that doesn't mope about clothes not fitting, feeling fat, etc. etc. etc...
2. I resolve to continue trying one new thing every month. I have kept this resolution on my list for the past few years. It can be a new activity, a new food, whatever. It has helped me branch out a bit from my norm.
3. I resolve to try not to stress over the insignificant and focus instead on the things that really need my attention. A layer of dust, unless it's causing someone to feel ill, is insignificant compared to running in the yard with you, Daddy and the dog.

So there we are. Most people that make resolutions are unable to keep them or reach the goals they have set for themself. I am driven to maintain my resolutions, and I will work my hardest to make them come to fruition, largely because they dont just have to do with me. I have you and Daddy as my inspiration and motivation, because the two of you are my world. I am such a lucky Mommy and wife.

Today is January 3rd, and these are my New Year's Resolutions for the year of 2011. I promise to check in here or there to keep you posted.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Toddler Life #3

You know you have a toddler in your home...

... when you roll your ankle an average of 4 times a day by stepping on toys.

Christmas... Finally

Dear Ian,

Remember how last post I said I would post about our Christmas? Well, here we are, finally. It's was only last year. Sheesh. :)

Our Christmas was a blast! You were old enough to really get into the unwrapping of gifts, and you ate your fair share of meatballs and Christmas Cookies. You also got a TON of presents from family and Santa. When you woke up, you came out into the living room and saw that Santa had left you a toy dump truck and a MOUNTAIN of presents. You sat right down and started to play. I think this year's favorite gifts were the FSU car from Aunt Maggie and Uncle Brian, the drill from Aunt Megan and Uncle Gary and the weed eater from Grandma and Papa Davis. Grandma and Grandpa Brooks also got you a wooden "Tap n' Turn" like Daddy had when he was little (and was apparently inseparable from it). You got some books, puzzles, new Buffalo Bills shirts, a play kitchen, two push toys, cars, play-doh and a zillion other fun things. Such a loved and lucky little boy.

We had such a good day with our family. Uncle Brian, Aunt Maggie, Grandma and Papa Davis and Great Poppey came over that morning, and we had our traditional lasagna and meatball dinner. Then later that day, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Brooks' for turkey, and we got to see Uncle Ryan and Aunt Andrea. We were full, fat and happy, and we were lucky to spend time with people that are special to us. It was perfect.

Here are two photos. One is from last year's Christmas morning, and the other one is from this year's Christmas morning:

What a difference a year makes. And what cute jammies, tee hee! I'm dressing you in them now, because Lord knows my Christmases of cute jammies are already numbered.
I love you,