Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas... Finally

Dear Ian,

Remember how last post I said I would post about our Christmas? Well, here we are, finally. It's was only last year. Sheesh. :)

Our Christmas was a blast! You were old enough to really get into the unwrapping of gifts, and you ate your fair share of meatballs and Christmas Cookies. You also got a TON of presents from family and Santa. When you woke up, you came out into the living room and saw that Santa had left you a toy dump truck and a MOUNTAIN of presents. You sat right down and started to play. I think this year's favorite gifts were the FSU car from Aunt Maggie and Uncle Brian, the drill from Aunt Megan and Uncle Gary and the weed eater from Grandma and Papa Davis. Grandma and Grandpa Brooks also got you a wooden "Tap n' Turn" like Daddy had when he was little (and was apparently inseparable from it). You got some books, puzzles, new Buffalo Bills shirts, a play kitchen, two push toys, cars, play-doh and a zillion other fun things. Such a loved and lucky little boy.

We had such a good day with our family. Uncle Brian, Aunt Maggie, Grandma and Papa Davis and Great Poppey came over that morning, and we had our traditional lasagna and meatball dinner. Then later that day, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Brooks' for turkey, and we got to see Uncle Ryan and Aunt Andrea. We were full, fat and happy, and we were lucky to spend time with people that are special to us. It was perfect.

Here are two photos. One is from last year's Christmas morning, and the other one is from this year's Christmas morning:

What a difference a year makes. And what cute jammies, tee hee! I'm dressing you in them now, because Lord knows my Christmases of cute jammies are already numbered.
I love you,

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