Sunday, December 26, 2010

Let it Snow!

Dear Ian,
Today is the day after Christmas (I will post something about Christmas later on), and we just had a small Christmas Miracle! It snowed in Tallahassee!! Last Christmas you were only two months old, so this year really felt like your first actual Christmas. How neat that it snowed for you today!

Now, please know that "snowing in Tallahassee" translates to some flurries, but hey, it was something. We all got bundled up and went outside to stand and run around in it. Of course I took pictures...

Here's one of you all bundled up..

And here's one of the snow on Daddy's shirt! See, told ya. It's not much, but it was something!!

We positively froze outside; it was 35 degrees and windy, but it was something we HAD to experience. Maybe one of these days we'll have Christmas in Cohocton and REALLY have a white Christmas. Where ever we are, we'll have fun.
I love you

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