Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cookies, Cookies Everywhere

Dear Ian,

Your family on the Davis side has a pretty tasty tradition: Grandma's Christmas Cookies. I'm not sure how long ago it started, because on the recipe that I got from my Grandma, it says "Grandma Davis' Christmas Cookies," so maybe it started with your Papa Davis' Grandma. I wish I knew exactly. Anyway, yes. We make a special batch of cookies at Christmas time. I remember being small and seeing that familiar tupperware box in my Grandma's hand, and it just solidified the fact that Santa was coming and soon.
My Grandma Davis, your great-grandmother, passed away in November of 2000, and from pretty much then on, I have been making her cookies. I will admit, those dang things are a lot of work, and I wonder if she grumbled about making them as much as I sometimes do. But then, after my couple minutes of requisite grumbling, those old memories start to come back, and it's all worth it.

This year was really neat; you more or less participated in the making of our cookies. You sprinkled four of them and ate two. Not bad for your first year :) And since I just got my camera
back from being repaired, I documented your first cookie experience.

Your Grandma Davis and your Aunt Maggie came to help us decorate this year, and I think we made a total of 12 dozen. Believe it or not, that's not enough. I need to make one more batch of cookies before Christmas is over and gone. You see, when Daddy and I got married, I introduced his family to these cookies, and now they love them, too. We take them every year to Grandma and Grandpa Brooks' house for Christmas Eve. And don't forget Santa! We leave a couple out for him, too.

It seems like such a little thing, but these cookies really tie the holiday together for me and our family. It connects me to my past, and I am thrilled to be adding the tradition to your future. Now we're off to exchange gifts and have fun with family, and of course I have a full tin of cookies to take with us.
Love always,

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