Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Old Laundry

Dear Ian,

I just wanted to share this photo and story with you.

To the left is a photo of you in a very special outfit. Those over-alls and that shirt that you are wearing in the photo are 31 years old. Yup. (Insert old-person comment that "things just aren't made today like they used to make 'em" here). Your Grandma Davis bought this outfit for me to wear on my first birthday. It's so neat to see you in it now. Your uncles Brian and Gary were also photographed in it, and I took pictures of your cousin Payton in it for her first birthday. It's a fun piece of family history for us, and I am so glad that you got to be part of it. Grandma Davis has an 8 by 10 portrait of each of us in these clothes, and now you get to join us on that "wall of fame," so to speak. Sorta brought tears to my eyes to see my baby in an outfit that I once wore as a baby. But enough of that. To the right is a picture of me in our family duds, taken 31 years ago, and I see a bit of resemblance. Too bad a photo cant capture temperament, because you definitely got that from me.
I love you,

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