Sunday, November 28, 2010


Dear Ian,

You may have noticed that the number of posts on your blog has increased over the past month or so. The reason for this is because your Baby Book only goes up to your first birthday as a record of memorable things. I'm still using it to record stuff like your teeth coming in (because they are taking longer than Christmas coming to pop up), and there are pages for your birthdays two through five years old. And don't forget that First Day of School page (ugh. don't need that showing up any time soon.). But, for the current fun stuff that we are doing, it makes lots of sense to Mommy to write it all down in your new fangled, technological baby book that is this blog.

Just didn't want you to think that you weren't doing your job of keeping me busy. More than busy. Whew.

So anyhoo... Thank goodness for this blog. Not only do I type faster than I write long-hand nowadays, but I also have the magic of spell check for those moments where I just feel like I have lost my mind and can't remember how to spell. But not you; no, son. No spell check for you at first. I plan on giving you that obnoxious grown up response of, "look it up in the dictionary." Yeah, yeah, you have to know how to spell it to find it in the dictionary. But don't think that argument will work on me or your Daddy. We already tried it with your grandparents.

Love you bunches,

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