Monday, November 1, 2010

It's All About the Lovey

Dear Ian,
Your very best friend and most favorite thing, besides Graham, Issa and Daddy, is your Lovey. I know that I have previously mentioned Lovey in other posts, but an event today made me decide to give Lovey his very own entry in this blog.

I came into your room to get you up from your afternoon nap, and you were happily rolling around in your crib snuggling Lovey. When I hugged you good-morning, I noticed that Lovey smelled a little funky. You see, your little one-year-old self chews on Lovey to self-soothe and put yourself to sleep. You've done this for a while now, so I have to rotate Loveys to keep them from smelling to high-heaven. Ordinarily, I can take them from the crib and toss them in the washer without much of an issue, but today, you cried like I had just taken away your best friend. Well, I guess I had. But! I am a good mommy, and I had a back-up. (Actually we have quite a few back-up Loveys, but that's only because Mommy is nuts...) When I gave you the new Lovey, it was like the sun came back out. I just had to grab the camera and capture these moments of pure happiness and contentment. Lovey gives you reassurance, and it makes me smile. You melt my heart.
Long Live Lovey,


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