Thursday, November 18, 2010

Great Grandma Graves

Dear Ian,
Yesterday (11/17/2010) your Great-Grandma Graves passed away. We are proud to say that she lived a full and wonderful life, but we are still sad to have her gone from us, even though she has gone on to Heaven to be with Great-Grandpa.
Though she was Daddy's Grandma, I got to spend quite a bit of time with her and got to know her as a fantastic and spunky lady. I remember the first time I really met and spent time with her was at her home in Jacksonville. Daddy and I were just engaged, and we went to go to the Jacksonville Zoo and stayed with her and Great-Grandpa Graves. That night, she pointed me to one room, and Daddy to another and said, "You may be young and engaged and all that, but I'm old fashioned, and this is how it's gonna be!" Haha! That was fine with Mommy, because Daddy and I are old fashioned, too. But anyway...

Your great grandmother loved penguins, playing the piano and big, funky jewelry. She loved playing the nickel slots on cruises that we would go on. She was a Navy wife, and she lived in some neat and sometimes scary places around the world. She passed on many stories about your Daddy to me that one day either Grandma Brooks or myself will tell you. One in particular is about your Daddy getting a whole apple instead of having to share it with Uncle Kurt and Uncle Ryan. I know that your Daddy will have tons of stories to tell you, too, like the one where she used scissors to cut up pizza.
I'm proud of the fact (and SO GLAD it happened now) that she was there the day you were born, and got to hold you within an hour of your birth. She got to watch you grow from a little bug that just slept and cried to a big bug that crawled and then started walking. She was at your first birthday party. She absolutely loved holding and playing with you.
I'm glad that you got to spend a little time with your Great-Grandmother. If only a year, it's an important part of your life. You still have your Great-Grandpa Brooks and Great Poppey, too. You are a lucky little man to have such a big and loving family. I hope when you grow up that we will be able to share stories of your Great-Grandma with you, and you will see what a special part of your family she was and still is.



  1. Hey there little nephew uncle Gary here... listen to your mommy she is a very smart lady! And if you ever want to know about your great grandparents that are in heaven I would be more than happy to share my stories as I spent LOTS of time with them and great grandpa colombrito helped uncle Gary become alot of the man he is. Your a very special boy and you are very lucky to have the mommy and daddy you have. I know that they love you more than anything else in the world!! Never forget that and never forget your uncle Gary and aunt Megan are here for you always and love you very much