Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Fun, Week Six

Dear Ian,

Week six.  Sigh.  I wont bore you with another "the summer is going by. so quickly," but man oh man.  Anyway...

Here we are at week six, and Mother Nature has not been kind.  Almost every day this week we've had rain, and for two days of the week it literally rained ALL DAY.  As I write this letter it is not raining, so I am about to kick you out of the house for a bit.

On Monday you and I visited Downtown Tallahassee and enjoyed the planetarium.  After a short show about our current night sky, we got to watch a cute movie called "The Perfect Little Planet," and I think you really enjoyed it.  I didn't get any pictures inside the planetarium, but I did get a couple shots of you running around the green space near it.  And there were fountains, so you had to make a wish. 

The movie was about aliens looking for a perfect vacation spot.  Of course, they ended up on Earth, but along the way, the visited the other planets in our solar system, so we were bombarded with facts about all of them.  It was really fun, though. 
 Running around in the green space on Kleman Plaza.  After sitting for an hour, it was time to RUN!
Making wishes in the fountains.

On Tuesday, we took a very special tour!  You got to visit a fire station!  Mommy's friend, Ms. Bethany is married to Mr. Doug, a fireman, and we went to his fire station to check things out.  On the way we stopped by Tasty Pastry Bakery and sweetened the deal with some cookies.  I think the firemen really enjoyed them!  Our visit coincided with them doing practice drills, so you got to watch them spray water at pretend fire, and that was super cool!  Then Mr. Doug showed you all around the firehouse.  You got the grand tour!!  When it was over, he even gave you a cool cup that changes color, a hot pad (that was really for Mommy but you adopted it into your play kitchen) and some awesome stickers.  It was a really fun morning!! 
Watching the hose drills.  500 gallons per minute!  Mommy would love that kind of water pressure in her shower.
 Taking in all the action.  You were really impressed!
 Mr. Doug demonstrated the fire pole for you, too.  The drop is 15 feet! 
 My sweet Bear posing with the fire truck.

That brings up Wednesday, which was very, very rainy. So we had to find some indoor fun.  You and I put on our engineering hats and made a marble run out of paper towel and toilet paper tubes.  It took some serious patience, but we ended up with a really cool run!  We used your bristle blocks to help out with our construction.
This was a lot of fun.  You had a blast building and testing it.  It kept getting longer and longer! 
The sun came out a little in the afternoon, so we took advantage of the puddles, too.  We also took a fun family bowling trip, and that was fun, too. 
 This is your sunflower we planted. It finally bloomed on the rainiest day of the week.

Thursday was the Fourth of July!  And this year, it was raining cats and dogs.  Normally we head up to Lake Seminole for crazy family festivities and fireworks, but with Great Poppey being sick and all the rain, it just didn't end up happening like usual.  This made Mommy so sad.  I haven't missed a 4th at the lake in a very long time.  We did get to have a fun dinner with some family friends, and then we headed home for sparklers!  That made you smile.  Oh, and ps.  Grandma and Papa went up after all and Bainbridge was dry.  Argh.
 Sweet Sparkler Boy.
 You had so much fun!
So did Daddy.

Also during this week we did some fruit picking, but I cant remember which day we did it on.  It wasn't on our list; it was just something we did to pass the time.  Judging by the lack of rain, I am assuming it was at the beginning of the week rather than later.
 We went to Grandma and Papa Davis' house to pick pears.  You had to get up in the tree...
 ... While Mommy fought off heart attacks.  But you had a blast!  And we got a lot of pears.
 There were a couple of lower hanging ones, but you still had to stand on a chair.
 We also went to Havana and picked blueberries.  That was a lot of fun!
Fresh blueberries. Mmmmm
And now it's Friday.  Today we spent most of the morning playing outside and in the pool because the sun thankfully graced us with its presence.  It was nice to know we weren't living in a rain forest after all.  Then after a good nap, we all headed outside for  some exercise.  And a reward.  We hoofed it, or rather Daddy and I did since you rode your tricycle, the .8 miles to Au Peche Mignon for a tasty treat.  And you rode your bike the WHOLE way there and back.  That's a mile and a half, little dude!  Now, granted we did take a 15 minute break for some chocolate in the middle, but hey. 

Daddy following along behind.  This is the farthest away from us that you were allowed to pedal.  And yes, this picture is taken on the way home.  
Totally worth any form of torture.  I mean exercise.  Same difference.

And now it's time for dinner and time to gear up for the weekend.  Where more fun is on the horizon.  For now, you and Daddy are giving me 15 minutes of peace by making a fruit run to Fresh Market.  So I better get up and finish dinner so it doesn't look like I've been goofing off the whole time.  Just some of the time.

Love you bunches,