Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Story of You

Dear Ian,

Happy Actual Birthday, Buddy! Today you are one year old!

I was thinking that today would be a good day to write out your actual birth story. There's not a lot to tell, but the details are dear to my heart, and I thought you would like to hear all about your first day in the world.

October 19, 2009 began for us at 4:00am. We had planned to induce (start by using medicine) Mommy's labor because of my blood sugar and the fact that you were a bit overdue. You see, high blood sugar in Mommies can lead to babies getting REALLY big, and Mommy is not so big... you get the picture. Anyhoo. 4:00am. I called the hospital to see if it was ok for me to come in. You were actually scheduled to be born on October 15th, but there wasn't any space in the hospital. There were other babies being born that day without an induction. But on the 19th, there was plenty of room, so we got showered and dressed and ready to go. Here's a photo of us about 5 minutes before we left for the hospital.

Once we arrived, we filled out lots of paperwork and then we were sent up to the 3rd floor which is the labor and delivery floor. We were assigned to room 4, which is funny because that was your Uncle Brian's soccer number, and everyone on the Davis side of your family considers it good luck. Mommy got settled in a lovely hospital gown and got hooked up to monitors that would keep track of my vital signs, contractions and your little heartbeat (which was my favorite sound in the world up until you started giggling). At 7:30am, Doctor Morales came in and kicked things off with a medicine called Pitocin and broke my water to start the labor process. At first, the contractions weren't too bad. Like someone squeezing my tummy. Daddy held my hand during each once, but since they were about 10 minutes apart, he would go and send email updates to friends. At around 11:30 though, things were starting to get a little intense. That squeezing was now pretty darned painful. Now, Mommy has a pretty high pain threshold, but I knew that I didn't want to be hurting to the point that I couldn't enjoy your birth, so I asked for an epidural. I finally got it around noon, and at first it only worked on half of my body. I could feel EVERYTHING on the left side, and nothing on the right. It feel like someone was poking me with something really sharp and hot in my left kidney. Ugh. I managed to joke that I got the discount epidural as it was apparently half-off. Sigh. I get corny when I'm anxious or hurting. Finally we managed to get everything numbed and peaceful, and then we started moving along, without me feeling much. I could still feel contractions, but they were back to that squeezing thing. At 2:45pm, I buzzed the nurse and told her that I was feeling some pressure, and she came in a checked me and said it was time to call Doctor Morales back, because it was time to have you! At 3:10, Doctor Morales came in, and after only 12 minutes of pushing, Sweet, Perfect little you entered the world. Daddy got to cut your umbilical cord, officially making you an independent little person, and there you were.

Now this whole time, your Grandma Davis was with us, and shortly after, Grandma Brooks arrived. Around 1pm or so, your Grandpa's came, and so did Great Poppey and Great Grandma Graves. They stayed in a little room off the birthing suite so that they could hear your first cry and hear Doctor Morales announce that you were a boy, but when you were actually born, it was just Daddy, Me, Doctor Morales and two nurses. I didn't want people in the room. Excluding the medical staff, this was a moment just for us as a little family. I couldn't stop staring at you. And I kept telling your Daddy to just LOOK at you! You were amazing! This sweet little person, so much a part of us, but all your own self. Wow. I still get goose bumps.

After your birth, you were weighed, measured and tested for all of the important stuff, and then you came back and met most of your family. It was such a neat moment.

I wanted to take out an ad in the paper. LOOK people! Look at what we did! This precious little seven pound, 20 inch long baby boy is here! I have never felt so strong or powerful as I do when I think of the fact that I was able to bring you into the world. Even if we had a C-section, I think I would have felt the same way. I felt like a superhero. You made me and Daddy superheros, and we will be there to celebrate with you, protect you and fight for you for your whole life.

Happy Birthday Ian!

We love you
Mommy and Daddy

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Tempus Fugit

Dear Ian,
I can't believe it. Tomorrow is your first birthday. Yesterday we held your birthday party, and it was a blast - a true celebration of your first year. There were a ton of family and friends there, and you seemed to have a lot of fun. I really cannot believe that it has already been a year.

Some things I have learned from you over the past 364 days:
* If diaper changes aren't quick, a little boy CAN pee in his own ear.
* Even spit up can be funny. As it runs down your back or into your bra.
* A 31 inch tall human being can fit in a dishwasher.
* Laundry to a new person is THRILLING.
* I have an even greater capacity for patience than I originally thought.
* Just because a mommy or daddy doesn't like a particular food doesn't mean a baby wont like it.
* Children's clothes are way fun to shop for.
* Toilet paper is an amazing plaything.
* As are toilet paper tubes, paper towel rolls and Daddy's empty protein shake bottles.
* A person can almost die from sleep deprivation. But since the reason for that deprivation was you, I could get up and do it again and again.
* The tiredness and frustration didn't last as long as I thought it would as I was going through it.
* One can actually *miss* breast-fed baby poo. This grown up poo is something else.
* Walking babies thrill and terrify grown ups.
* Everthing that we see as ordinary and mundane is exciting and scintilating.
* Time stood still on those nights we were awake from 2:00 - 6:00am, but if flew from October 2009 to October 2010.

Little Man, I don't want to get too sappy with this post. So I am going to knock it off right now. This is a happy post! All about polka-dotted banners (which I made) and balloons (which you love). We had a cake for you in the shape of a number one, but you got to smash and eat a cupcake. There were 7 or so other babies there, including your cousin Payton, BFFs Graham and Isabella, Chase and Tyler and Olivia. You had TWO great-grandparents in attendance and both sets of Grands. Aunts, Uncles, friends... Tons of people came out to wish you a happy birthday. It was a happy, happy day with beautiful weather. It is a day that will be locked away in my heart and memory, right along side the memory of the actual day and moment you were born.

So tomorrow, at 3:22pm, you will be exactly one year old. You, your Daddy and I will celebrate at home, or maybe out to dinner, with you. Just the three of us. A little family that came to be a year ago.

I love you , my little one-year-old son,
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