Thursday, January 27, 2011

Current Events

Dear Ian,

Here's a list of things you are doing as of late. I hope you dont get tired of reading these little lists, because while they can seem a little silly, they are part of what makes the growing-up-you you. If that makes any sense.

So here we go. As of right now, you are 15 and a half months old, and here are the funny, neat and sometimes corny things you are doing.

* You love to fake sneeze. See the video attached below. It's really funny, especially when you do the sneezes that have like six big breaths building them up.
* As evidenced by the video, you still FLAT OUT refuse to say Mama. You only call me when you really need me. Turkey
* You blow your own nose. And I mean, really blow your nose. Content and everything. About half of the time you throw the tissue away when you are finished.
* One of your favorite past times recently is flushing the potty. It's your new entertainment.
* You really seem to be expanding your empathy skills. We have a new baby in the house (Olivia's little sister Leanna), and whenever she cries, you go to her, give her pat pats and look for me to help her.
* You are getting really good at building with your big legos (mega bloks). Just today, you helped me build a tower almost as tall as you!
* "Uh oh" is now a common phrase around our house
* And I think you mimicked me saying "Oooo-kay." It's a habit I have; I will stand up and say "Okay" before we move on to our next activity.
* Bubbles (see previous post) are your new favorite bath time activity.
* You are getting REALLY good at feeding yourself with a spoon and fork. You can even "stab" your bites that you cant scoop onto your utensil.

So, yes, by the time you are old enough to read all of this, these little things, like your ability to blow your own nose, will seem a little ho-hum. But to your daddy and me, each and every little thing you do makes our day.

Love you bunches,

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