Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Words!

Dear Ian,
Because I am your mommy this next sentence will of course be biased: you are a smart little dude. There are moments when I am just blown away by how much you understand and comprehend. I can tell you to go to your room, get your socks and bring them to me, and you will! For a 15 month old, that's pretty dang good. And then there's your spatial reasoning... blah blah, child development stuff. BUT! We have had somewhat of a hard time understanding and comprehending what comes out of YOUR mouth. You see, you are a man of few words. Literally. Oh sure, you say Dada all the time, Mama only when your life depends on it, but that has been pretty much it. Until today.

You and I have added a new element to bath time recently; we've been blowing bubbles. Night after night, I have been hyperventilating and blowing bubbles while enunciating the word like crazy. "BUB-ble! BUB-ble!" Finally, a reward for my efforts. I was on the phone with your Grandma Brooks, and we were talking about getting you talking, and I mentioned our new bath time thing, and I guess you over heard me. You headed to the bathroom (Daddy was in the vicinity), and you went up to him and said "bub-bah." YAY! So, of course we went out on the porch (in 40 something degree weather) and fulfilled your request. And I, of course, took photos.

YAY! Your first real, meaningful word! I'm sure you are just saving the rest of them up for some important time. Any day now, you are going to walk out of your bedroom, and in your sweet little Ian voice say, "Momma, I cant reach my Lovey. Come on!"

Hugs and Kisses,

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