Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Love Notes

Dear Ian,

Every day you are growing by leaps and bounds and learning new things.  It never ceases to amaze me how much and how quickly you change and each developmental step is precious to me. However, it's your newly acquired ability to read things that thrills me the most at the moment.  I love to read, and to see that love forming in you makes my heart smile.

The other day, while sitting at the dining room table watching you paint with water colors, I wrote you a little love note.  It only said three words:  "I love Ian."  I didn't tell you what it said, but I slid it across the table and then went into the kitchen to check on dinner and stuff.  When I came back, I found this:

You read it yourself, and you wrote your own response.  I was both in awe by your ability and by your written note back to me. 

It is now one of my very favorite things.  I have it tucked safely away in your baby book with the date written on it, of course.  Because Mommy is nuts like that.  I also took a picture of it.  I sorta forgot about it until today as I was cleaning out photos on my phone.  It makes me smile so big to see it.

I love you so much and for always, Little Bear.  And I know that you love me.

Kisses and Hugs,

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