Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Works of Art #44

Dear Ian,

You've been a busy bee in school lately, so here is your most recent batch of art to come home:

Here is a vase of sunflowers you did in art, inspired by the sunflower paintings of Vincent VanGogh.  I love this one.
 For open house, your teachers helped you assemble an "All About Ian" book, and this is the cover.  The next few pictures are the pages in your book.
 Here is your house made out of different shapes.
 This is you :)  Very cute!
 Here is your handprint flower.  It is amazing how much your little hands have grown.  I love to see the progress,
 Here's a self portrait.  It looks a little like you.  Except for the blue lips and eyes.  
 This picture is a sample of your writing ability as of late.  Ms. Jackie said she had you write some letters for you; this was the end result.
This apparently is me.  You made this picture one day after cooking. 
 Arrrrggghhh!!  This is your pirate self that was on your class bulletin board last month.
 This is a treasure map you had to draw for homework during your pirate unit.  I love the one tree...
Finally, these are purple irises, also inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.  They are really pretty!

Keep up the great work, Bear!



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