Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Dear Ian,

You, my boy, are a smart little Monkey.  You work hard to attain your goals, and you can even be a little manipulative.  This assertiveness and determination will take you far as an adult, but right now, as you practice these skills, it's really funny to see how your mind works to get what you want.

Right now, you are working hard on breaking down my resolve as it pertains to a pet dog.  Or puppy.  You don't discriminate.  The other day, you and I had the following conversation:

Ian:  Mommy, we can't have a kitty, because you are allergic to kitties.
Mommy:  Yup, Bear. I'm allergic to cats.
Ian:  But you aren't allergic to dogs, so we can get a dog!
Mommy:  Maybe one day we can get a dog, but they are a lot of work.  There's a lot to do to take care of a dog.
Ian:  But I take care of my fish.  I feed them every day.
Mommy:  You do a great job with your fish.  But puppies need more than food.
*Here I proceeded with a list of puppy responsibilities.
Ian:  I think I can do all that if you help me.
Mommy:  Maybe one day, Bear.  When you are a little older.

At this point, our dog-care conversation ended.  Or so I thought, because that afternoon after nap, you came downstairs with your stuffed dog, Gus.  You told me that Gus had a good nap, but that it was time for him to go potty.  Since it was raining outside, you put him in your bathroom, and then after a bit, you brought him back out, praising him for going potty.

Then, you smart little thing, you asked if we had any "performance dog food" (where in the world did you get that?!) for Gus.  We got him a plastic bowl, and to pass as dog food, we filled it with the colored pom poms from your art cart.  You "fed" Gus, and then when he had finished,  you cleaned up after him.
Gus, eating his "performance pom poms"

At this point, I was completely cracking up - on the inside, of course.  You were so very serious about your dog-ownership responsibilities.  After the pup had eaten, we played, and I figured your dog stuff was over and done.  Nope.  He went to bed with you, and the next morning after you fed your fish, Gus got his performance-pom-pom-dog-food yet again.  Then he went potty.  You are trying so dang hard to show me that you can do this!  And it is absolutely adorable.

I had to sit you down and reiterate that puppy ownership just isn't in the cards for us yet.  I was expecting you to be disappointed, but instead you responded, "I know, Mommy.  I am practicing."

You never cease to amaze me, Little Bear.  I know without a doubt that one day you will make a great puppy parent.  And it makes me so proud.

I love you,

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