Monday, February 25, 2013

Love WAS In The Air

Dear Ian,

I had intended to write this post MUCH earlier in the month, but life just kept getting in the way.  We have been so busy running around that every time I sat down, I either passed out from exhaustion or jumped up because I remembered something else that had to be done.

Regardless, we are at least still in February, so this Valentine's day post is still in the same month as the holiday.

To get you all geared up for the holiday, we decorated our house like all the other holidays.  Your babysitter, Miss Kallie, teased me the other day that coming over here was sorta like Disney; there's always a theme going on here.  Our first decoration was a project that you did at Home Depot Kid's Class.  You made valentine holders!  Daddy and I helped you nail all the pieces together, and then you took it to the painting station and painted it.  We hung it at the end of the stairs on the railing.  It looked perfect there!  I tried to remember to put a little something in your holder every morning to let you know that you were loved.  You had cut out about a zillion paper hearts (we were practicing cutting), so I used some of them.  I wrote a little message on your paper heart, and then I stuck it in your holder.  Every morning when you got up and came downstairs, you would check it for "mail."  I think you really enjoyed it.  The picture of the heart at the very top of this post was one of these special little notes.  And the heart itself was cut out by none other than you!  You did such a great job cutting, and I had a lot of fun coming up with little messages to leave you. 

These two pictures are of a project that I left for you and Miss Kallie to work on while I was out teaching baton lessons.  You had to cut out a heart for each letter of your name, and then you had to write the letters on the hearts.  Then she helped you connect them, and we hung them from our chandelier.  If you notice the picture of the left, there's also a red and purple paper chain on our chandelier.  February was a month of cutting practice around here; you helped but cutting out each and every strip for the paper chain.  It really made our house look Valentine's-Day-festive.  

So after all the decorating crafts, it was time time to get started on our actual valentines.  I spent hours on end a bit of time playing on Pinterest gathering ideas for your valentines for the kids in your class, and then you and I sat down and you picked which project you wanted to make out of all of the ideas I had gathered.  You decided on giving your friends a bubble valentine, and they turned out SO cute.  You signed your name on the back of each valentine card, and I was so proud.  You are getting really good at writing your name!  Here's a picture of the valentines you gave your friends.

In retrospect, I probably should have chosen a better background for the red bubble wand.  The red place mat isn't really doing much for it here, is it?  Oh well.  

For my class, I chose a pencil valentine idea that  I used last year as well.  I'm a teacher and all; it seemed appropriate.  Here's my valentine:

For the valentines that we gave your teachers, I got a little corny.  I saw this idea at Lauren McKinsey Designs, and I loved it!  She has the most adorable printables.  I downloaded her "Brownie Points" gift tags, and then we attached them to a box of brownie mix for each of your special area teachers.  Miss Katie and Miss Mallory also got a box of brownie mix, but we also attached a brownie from The Cake Shop.   I think they turned out really great!

Again, you signed the backs of all your cards, and you did a great job.  

Whew!  Making all of those valentines was hard work, but we managed.  A day or two before Valentine's Day, I thought it would be super fun for you to make a holder for all of the treats that Daddy and I got for you.  It would also keep you occupied on a very wet and rainy afternoon.  I took apart the cardboard box that your cheese grits (favorite!) came in and turned it inside out.  You then painted it your favorite color, purple, and then we decorated it with yet another heart you had cut from construction paper.  Then I reassembled the box with the help of some hot glue, and there we had it!  Your valentine holder came out great!  It was the perfect size for all of the treats you got on Valentine's day.  Grandma Davis brought by a couple of things for you too, so on the 14th of February, your former grits box was over-flowing.  
 Before the filling
 ...and after.  Wowza!

And there you have it.  Valentine's Day was an arts and crafts extravaganza.  And it was just another day to show you how special you are to us and how much you are loved.  I hope you know that EVERY day. 

Because we love you!
Mommy and Daddy

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