Friday, February 1, 2013


Dear Ian,

Recently your class started a new activity, and it's one that you were really excited about.  Miss Katie and Miss Mallory announced the start of Star of the Week!  You were slated to be the star of the week for the week of January 21st (yes, Mommy is behind AGAIN!), and we got right to work getting ready for your week.

First, Miss Katie requested that we bring in pictures or a poster of pictures of you and things you love.  You had a blast getting this part ready.  We went through a TON of pictures, and you selected 10.  They were pictures of you at all different ages, and there were a few of the three of us.  Then, after we printed them, you helped me put them on coordinating pieces of colored card stock.  At first you wanted every one of them to be backed on purple paper.  But with some encouragement, you finally branched out and used different colors.  Then we stuck them on poster board, and Mommy wrote a description under each one.  Our finishing touch was two purple stars to which you added glue and glitter.  The final product was super, if I must say so myself.  And you were so proud of it.
You and your poster

We took it to school on Monday, and you were really excited to show it to your teachers.  And thus, we kicked off your Superstar week.  Miss Katie and Miss Mallory had even put up a sign on the door announcing the Superstar of the Week.  And of course, your nutty Mommy had to take a picture of you and the door sign...
The look on your face was all, "Geez Mom, take the thing already...."
Anyhoo....  Superstars of the Week are also encouraged to bring in a special snack to share with the class, and you requested that we make chocolate chip cookies.  Not one to turn down the superstar, that's exactly what we did.  We also sent in some craisins, too, so it wasn't all terrible for everyone.  Fruit is good and all. 

On your last day of your Superstar week, you got to bring in something special to share with your class.  What did you want to bring?  One of your pet fish.  And I had a time trying to convince you to do something else.  It took me until 7:15am the morning of your share day to change your mind, and in the end, you took your John Deere 40 and a trailer to go with it.  I used the tactic that your poor fish would be so cold if we took him out in the chilly weather we were having.  It won you over, and Miss Katie and Miss Mallory were able to avoid having one more live thing in their classroom.  

Throughout the week, you also got to do other special fun stuff, like being the line leader and getting to wear a special Star Student necklace.  It was really neat to get to see you leading your class around school, and I got to see you in your necklace during your visit to the lab classroom which is right next to mine.   

My superstar in lab class
So there you have it, little man.  Your very first Star Student experience.  You, your Daddy and I are so lucky that you have such a great school and amazing teachers to go with it.  They are really helping you get off on the right foot when it comes to loving school. 

We love you!

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