Sunday, February 3, 2013

Works of Art #41

Dear Ian,

Sigh.  I have gotten really bad about cataloging your art.  A small mountain of it was forming on the corner of the dining room table, and it was starting to get to me.  So here we finally have your recent art work:

First up, Miss Katie and Miss Mallory taught a unit on Jan Brett's book, The Mitten, and your class made art to go along with the story.  It's about animals that find a lost mitten in the woods and climb into it to stay warm.  Here are your art descriptions, dictated to Mommy.

 This is the mitten.  We water colored it.
 This is the "hedgie hoggie."  He looks for food under the leaves to eat.  He snuggles himself up in the mitten.
That's the mole.  He snuggle hisself up.
 This is the snow rabbit.  He snuggles hisself up.  We put glue all over him, and we sticked cotton on him.  So he'd be all furry.
He is the fox, and he snuggles hisself up.  We paint him.
This is the owl.  He gets in the mitten, too.  Of course.  We made him out of  a plate, and we put one nose on him.
This is the bear.  He snuggles up, and he makes the mitten all stretched out.  Then there's a mouse on the bear's nose.  We didn't make a mouse.

There you have it;   The Mitten, by Ian. Sort of.

Next we have a bear book that you made:
 This is the bear page.  I colored it purple.  I wrote my name!
 That's my black bear.  They hibernate.  We put glue over him and we used black tissue paper.
 That's my polar bear.  He lives in the cold, cold, cold.  He hibernates, too.  In the cold. 
This is my bear claws.  We stamped them, and we put fingerprints.  The claws are toothpicks!

And now for some random art:
 That picture is my snowman!  We made him in art.  We used toothpicks and the scarf from the house.  (we had to supply things to decorate your snowman, and I cut this piece of fabric for a scarf.)
 I wrote my name!
 Mommy here:  this is Painting in the Round, like Michelangelo. 
 That's my snowflake.  We put glitter on it with Miss Mallory.  "No glitter on Miss Mallory."
 You started to lose interest in dictation here, so I am just going to say that this some marker art that you drew.  You are getting so good at writing your name!
 Here's a cute snowman that you made in your classroom.
 More marker art.
And one last piece to round out this collection.

I love seeing how your art is progressing.  And like I mentioned before, I am really impressed with your name writing as of late.  It's really coming along!  

I love you, Bear!

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