Friday, February 8, 2013


Dear Ian,

The older you get, the more sophisticated you try to speak, and it makes me laugh on a daily basis.  Here's a few little snippets of conversations we've had:

Scene:  Looking for a particular pair of jammies in your jammie drawer.
Mommy:  I don't know, Bear.  I just cannot find your fishing bear jammies.
Ian:  Just move over Mommy, and I will look.  My eyes are better than yours.

Scene:  Leaving the barber shop after getting your hair cut:
Ian:  Mommy, can we go get a milkshake?
Mommy:  A milkshake?!  Just who do you think you are, little boy?
Ian:  A genius. 

Scene:  Going to Publix, again...
Ian: Daddy goes to work to make money.
Mommy: Yes, he sure does, Bear.
Ian: Then we spend it all at Publix.
Mommy: I think you're right, son.
Ian: That means Daddy has to work sooooo hard, because we are at Publix a lot.

Ah, the mind of a three year old.  Thanks for always making me laugh, Buddy.


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  1. Amazing isn't it? Sigh, they just grow up so fast. :)