Saturday, September 1, 2012

Handy Man

Dear Ian,

What a fun day you had!  Saturdays are already pretty sacred and special around here since that's when you get a majority of your Daddy Time.  But today, we raised the fun bar another level. 

Home Depot does these Kid Class Workshops, where kids and their parents can come and create a craft.  You get an apron, do a craft, and when it's complete, you show the Home Depot associate, and they give you a pin to put on your apron.  These classes are the first Saturday of every month, and for the past few months, I'm sad to admit that I don't remember about Kids Class until after nap and after the class is finished (they run from 9am to noon, for all those other families out there). 

This Saturday, however, Mommy got her act together and remembered, so you, Daddy and I got ready to go and headed to our near-by Home Depot.  We found the group, and got all set up and settled in.  Today's craft was making a wooden football goal post for a paper football game.  It came in a little pre-packaged kit, complete with all the parts and instructions.  You got your apron and got to work. 

 Here you are with Daddy screwing the base on your goal posts.  You were so excited to work with tools!
 Hard at work with your screw driver. 
 You and Daddy carefully reading the instructions.  The steps were numbered, and you took great pleasure in pointing out the numbers.
 You and Daddy and your finished product!  You were so very proud of it! 
Here you are showing the Home Depot associate your finished wooden uprights.  After she checked over your work, you got a pin for your apron!  There were other kids there, and it was neat to see all of their pins on their aprons, too. 

We wrapped up the morning with a trip to the park after your Home Depot adventure, and all in all, I think you had a pretty awesome morning.  Since this Kids Class was such a big hit, I've already marked the next few first Saturdays of the month in our calendar. To be honest, I'm sorta looking forward to them, too.  It really was a lot of fun.  

Love you bunches,
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