Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Have A Secret

Dear Ian,

I am about to bust my buttons with news, but Daddy and I aren't going to tell you quite yet. 

You are at an age where you are remembering more and more.  For example, you remember the tiniest details from our vacation in Cohocton, and that was three months ago.  So, we figured that at this age, you might actually be able to remember and hold onto memories from a trip to... DISNEY WORLD!! 

That's right little man!  We're going to Disney!  I am so completely excited.  We're going to go the weekend before your birthday, so that way we can celebrate your special day, and it will be the last time we can technically go with you being free.  You're turning three and all.  We took you last year, when you were 18 months old or so, and that was so special.  You got to see it for the first time with your Grands Davis, and we spent the trip with Payton, too.  That was really neat.  And from that trip to now, I have been desperate to get you back there for another dose of Disney Magic.

Anyhoo.  I think Daddy and I are going to tell you about our trip right at the beginning of October, and we'll probably do a little countdown thingie.  Since we're going near the middle of the month, telling you about the trip at the beginning seems a little more do-able.  I have a feeling that if we tell you now, we are in for 40 days and 40 nights of "Is it time for Disney?" questioning.

This is a little elaborate, but something like this would be awesome to help you count down the days to Disney
 Just this morning, you saw a picture that I had torn out of a magazine that features the Disney Map App for a phone.  You held it up and wistfully said, "I wish I could go to Disney World with you and Daddy, Mommy."  So sweet!  And I cant wait until we can actually tell you about this trip!  Thus, this blog post.  I think I am more excited than you! 
I cant wait for you to see these guys, and I am really looking forward to hearing your stories afterward!

Looking forward to October, and hoping this next month or so goes by quick!

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