Saturday, August 4, 2012

Works of Art #36

Here's our latest installment of Works of Art.  A couple of these we did our last week at home together for the summer, and the projects at the end are from your first week at summer camp at school.  You were in the mood to help out, so all of the descriptions of your art projects are in your own words.  That adds kind of a fun element to this post, as I get to capture how your mind works and how you describe your own art! 

 "I am playing pipe cleaners so I can show Daddy.  I put them in holes in the strainer."
 "I painted it at home.  I used water color paint.  I put it in the water, and you dip it in the paint and you paint on the paper.  It is a picture of a rainbow."
 "This is a rainbow, too.  It is water colors, too."
 "It has lots of purple paint.  And it is more water colors."
 "That's my octopus!  I made it with Miss Tammie at school in her classroom.  I colored him.  I put some red and some purple on there."
 "This is a garden.  I made it with Miss Lynn.  We used finger paint.  I used fingers to make my flowers.  There's a dragonfly and a lady bug and a butterfly."
 "It's Ten Apples Up On Top.  I made it in Mommy's class.  I put four apples on my.  I colored it, too!
"I painted it with Miss Lynn, also.  It's a giraffe.  We didn't paint it, we put little stamps on there.  Brown and yellow, Mommy.  The other class did paint, too."

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