Monday, August 6, 2012


Dear Ian,

It's time for another dose of Crazy Things Said By Ian, also known around here as Ian-isms.  And here we go:

You and Daddy having a conversation the other day about things you do and do not remember

Daddy: Do you remember seeing elephants at the circus?
Ian: No
Daddy:  Do you remember seeing motorcycles at the circus?
Ian: No
Daddy:  Do you remember eating cotton candy at the circus?
Ian:  Yeeeaaaahhhh!  It made me taste weird!

Conversation you and Daddy were having about birthdays and birthday presents (we were on the way home from celebrating Payton's third birthday.)

Daddy:  Ian, what do you want for your birthday?
Ian:  A BMW.

Haha!  No chance, small son.  Not even when you're 16.  You're getting a German Corolla: a Jetta.

This next little gem was spawned out of a frustrating situation.  You and I were eating breakfast at the table together, and you kept playing with your orange juice cup.  After a few "Ian, please stop, you'll spill your juice"-es, you did indeed spill your OJ.

Mommy:  See, I told you that would happen.  *in frustration, I start to count out-loud to keep from losing my mind... 5-4-3-2-1

I couldn't help but laugh as I cleaned up the mess I had predicted. 

Love you bunches,

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