Monday, August 20, 2012

Back To School!

Dear Ian,

Hooray!  Today was your first day back to school at Advent!  Well, technically, it was orientation day, so you only stayed long enough to tour your room, make a (good) first impression on your teachers and fill out lots of paperwork.  Since I had to be in my room helping the kids in my class do the same thing, Daddy got to go with you.  I know this just thrilled you to no end, since the Daddy worship around here is pegged. 

We all drove to the school this morning, after taking our obligatory "First Day" photo under that little twig we call a tree in our front yard.  I showed Daddy where your room was and got the opportunity to take a couple of pictures. 
First Day of the 2012-2013 school year!

I noticed, sadly, that none of your friends from last year's class are with you this year.  But remember those two weeks of summer camp we did?  Pretty much your whole little summer group is with you in your new room.  I think you will make some great new friends, and I look forward to the stories about them.
Your new class list
I'm really excited about your new teachers, too.  I think that once you get into the swing of things, you are going to have a blast in Miss Katie and Miss Mallory's room.  You've already told me a couple of stories about the new toys and things to work with that you noticed.  In particular, there are two pretend saws and a work bench!  Your year has officially been made!  
Miss Katie and Miss Mallory decorated the room with Monkeys.  How completely fitting!
It still blows me away that this year I can officially call you a Preschooler instead of a Toddler.  Wow, have the past almost-three years have gone by in a flash. 

I cant wait to get this year really started and watching you grow into your new environment.  Here's to a great three-year-old-preschooler year!

Love always,
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