Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's A School Night

Dear Ian,

Tomorrow morning you start your second year at Advent.  I am a lucky Mommy in the regard that I will get to peek on you as you walk from class to special area.  I am a lucky Mommy that this year your class will play on the same playground as my class, and I can sorta spy on your interactions with others.  I am a lucky Mommy that right after lunch I get to take you home to nap and play for the rest of the afternoon. 

Only three more years or so, though, until this School Night becomes THAT school night: The Night Before Kindergarten.  Holy cow.  Things need to slow down just a tad.  But honestly, I am going to put my Mommy Blinders on and focus only on tomorrow. 

Tomorrow you'll join your new friends in Miss Katie and Miss Mallory's class.  Tomorrow you'll get a tour of a new room.  Tomorrow, you'll be in the big-kid-three-year-old-room. 

And Daddy and I get to share in the experience of watching you grow up.  We're so very lucky.

Love you, Little Bear.

ps: and you just better bet that tomorrow morning we're going to pose you under the tree in the front yard to take your First Day of School photo.  Family traditions and all...

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