Sunday, October 7, 2012


Dear Ian,

'Bout that time again.  Time to bust out the blog and record some of the funny moments we have in our conversations. 

This little gem is from the other day as I loaded you up in the car to go home after a morning of school.  You had apparently played in the sand area that day, and as you got it, a ton of sand came off your shoes and onto the carpet of the car's floorboards. 

Mommy:  Wow, Ian.  You just dumped a ton of sand in the car.
Ian:  I know.  It's because I love you so much, Mommy.

Now, while I am glad and touched that you love me so very much, I really wish that you could love me without playground sand all over my car.  I'll take what I can get, though.

Here's a funny from this weekend.  You were toodling around in your little plastic car on the driveway and pretending to go places.  All of a sudden, you busted out with:

Ian: Mommy, can you go to Fresh Market and get me some sushi?
Mommy:  You want me to really get you sushi?
Ian: Yes.  I want some sushi.  Can you get it?
Mommy: Ummm.  I guess...  Wait.  Is this real life or are you pretending?
Ian:  This is for my pretend life. 

And finally:
This weekend, I got the nutty idea to clean out and paint our garage.  I don't know.  Something just motivated me to slap a fresh coat of paint on our garage walls, and when that's finished, I'm going to put down real, live (not pretend life) garage flooring paint. Complete with the wicked cool floor sparkles in the epoxy.  I have an illness...  Anyhoo.  You "helped" me paint for a while, and then it was time for nap.  While you slept, I finished about two thirds of the garage (in an hour and 20 mintutes.  I deserve an award), and when you woke up, I took you outside to see my work.

Mommy:  Whatcha think, Bear?
* You turned and looked at me and said in your most perfect Mommy/Teacher voice:
Ian:  Mommy, you have worked so very hard on this.  You should be so proud of you! 


Love you so much, kiddo,

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