Tuesday, October 16, 2012


And now, the rest of the story...

Dear Ian,

First, a quick explanation of the line above is in order.  There was this great radio personality when Mommy was growing up named Paul Harvey.  He broadcast news stories that weren't typical news stories of politicians and world events.  His stories were about small towns and funny, quirky events, and for one of his segments, he always started with that line you read above.  I used to love listening to him, and I'm sad you wont get that experience.  Hopefully I can share it with you...

But anyhoo.  The reason I chose that sentence is because this post is all about Disney through your eyes.  Last post I told about our day at the park and what a blast it was.  I mentioned that you received your very own camera as a gift, and you used it to document your version of Disney.  Here, I'm going to post a few of these pictures and your descriptions of why you took them.

Without any further ado, here is Disney through your eyes and the rest of the story.
 Here's a funny self portrait of you and Daddy right after you opened your camera.  The lens has this neat feature of being able to turn over so you can do self portraits.  Neat!
 A picture of the parade that we stumbled into by accident when we first entered the park.
 Your photo of the castle.  Came out great!
 An interesting shot of Mommy in the Baby Care center.  We stopped there to fill up your water bottle and get all sunscreened for the day.
 Daddy and Issa outside the Baby Care Center.
 A fountain near the Baby Center. 
 Here's part of the line queue for the Jungle Cruise.
 And here is a photo of my foot as we stood in line for something.  My new sneakers look nice...
 Maybe we were waiting in line for this ride?  Aladdin's Magic Carpets in Adventureland.
 I asked you why you took a picture of this man, as he was someone we didn't know.  Your response: "I liked his balloons."
 You took A LOT of pictures of various strollers.  Not really sure what the fascination was.  Comparison shopping, maybe?
 Here's a chair at the Pinocchio house, where we ate lunch.
 And a nice shot of Lovey in your stroller. 
 This nice lady came over and entertained you and Issa for a few minutes with her Pinocchio puppet. 
 Random people walking past the carousel.
 Here's a good shot of Issa and Lorelei in their stroller.
 Ooooh.  You found a crane.  They are still working on the new Fantasyland park. 
 Ok, Magic Kingdom trash cans.   When asked why you photographed them, you stated that you liked the purple on them.
 A self portrait of a little boy getting very, very sleepy from all the fun.
 According to you, you liked this man's wheel chair. 
A neat shot of the Astro Orbiter in Tomorrowland.
And finally, this one was too good not to share.  You, in your car seat on the way back to Tallahassee.  Maybe being strapped in the car for four hours made you a little stir-crazy.  Cute, though!
You took quite a few more pictures this trip, and a lot of them were the backsides of people or strollers or self portraits...  I couldn't post all of them to this blog entry, but I do have them on the laptop.  You really enjoy looking at your photographic work.  I'm thrilled that you seem to enjoy taking pictures as much as I do.  And now you can take pictures and make memories for any and every other trip we take!  What a neat gift.  

You are a lucky little bear, and I am a lucky Mommy to have you.

Love always,
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