Friday, October 19, 2012

Three Times the Fun!

Dear Ian,

Happy Birthday Baby Bear!!

I just cant believe that you are already three years old.  Where in the world did the time go?  But without getting too sappy, it does blow my mind at how fast the time has gone from October 19, 2009 to today, October 19, 2012.

To make your third birthday extra special, Daddy and I did some fun stuff.  And of course I took pictures.  I'm predictable and consistent; what can I say.  Here we go:

The night before your birthday, Mommy made brownies for you to take to your class for special snack.  Daddy helped by being a taste tester.  As you can see in this picture, he had to make sure they tasted good enough for your friends.
 Then we blew up 10 purple balloons, your favorite color...
 ... and we tossed them on the floor of your bedroom.  That way when you woke up this morning, you woke up to a party!  I heard you when you turned on your light, and it was so funny. You said, "Wow, look at all these balloons.  I do not know they were in here."  Love that grammar, kiddo.
Here you are with your purple balloons.  
 Since you are the birthday boy of honor, you got to put your cereal bowl on the special birthday plate.  To keep it nice, we kinda use it like a charger plate.  It works; we get the gist.  You were excited about it either way.
Ready to go to school!  We got you a special Birthday Boy pin to wear on your shirt.  You also decorated your shirt with water from brushing your teeth apparently.  

Your teachers also helped you celebrate your special day, too.  They served your special snack, and according to you, all the friends in your class sang "Happy Birthday" to you.  Miss Mallory made this neat poster for you, and it was on the door of your classroom.  So cute.  You're such a lucky little boy.
 Your teachers rock.  They know you so well.  Purple candle :)
 Blowing out your purple candle.
 Happy little birthday boy.
 Saying your blessing before snack.  Love this!  So cute.  
 Some of your friends enjoying your snack.  L to R: Conor, Ben, Lauren and Avery
Special thanks to Ms. Katie for sending me these pictures.  She's awesome!

So, now we're getting ready to head off to your birthday dinner.  You've chosen for your celebratory meal, of all places, Golden Corral.  So, since it's your day, that's what you'll get.  Should be interesting!  

Happy Birthday Ian!

Mommy and Daddy!
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