Monday, October 22, 2012

Party Time!

Dear Ian,

Yesterday was your birthday party, and if I must say so myself, it was pretty much a success.  You were a bit confused, though, on whether or not you were three or four.  You turned three on the day we took snack to your class on your actual birthday, so I guess it makes sense to think you were four on Sunday, when we celebrated with your party.  But no, Bear.  You are still three, and I am thankful for it.  It only feels like you grow up that fast to your Daddy and me.

This year, we hosted a Tricycle Rally themed birthday party.  And once again, Mother Nature loved us enough to be able to host it outside.  Thank goodness!  With all the friends that came, I don't think everyone could have fit in our house!  Let's see...  There was you, me and Daddy.  Grandma and Grandpa Brooks, Grandma and Papa Davis made it home from New York and Uncle Gary, Aunt Megan, Payton and Taylor, and even Uncle Ryan and Aunt Andrea.  Then there were your friends from school: Keelie, Joe, Julia and Ben.  Finally, our baby-friends group that you've known from week one:  Chase, Tyler, Issa and Graham.   Everyone one  brought their trikes, and we had races and games set up.  Grandpa Brooks even brought his bike, as promised!  It was a lot of fun.  And as usual, Mommy took a ton of pictures.  It's best to let them tell the story, so here we go...

 Here's a table with the party favors and such on it.  And your three-year-old portrait by Miss Dina.
 Close-up of the party favors.  Polka Dot Press made your invitations, cupcake toppers and favor bag toppers.  Inside each bag was a traffic sign lollypop, a checkered flag pencil with eraser, a red, yellow or green notebook and bubbles. 
 As usual, Miss Dina's work is perfect!
 More party favors.  Traffic sign lollypops, thanks to Oriental Trading Co.
 Your Mommy went on a nutty cleaning spree getting our garage ready for this party!
 Your birthday banner, made by me.
 I had a little too much fun with the themed food.  These fruit kabobs were stoplights!  See?!  Red, yellow and green!
 Snort.  Veggie "handle bars."  I have a sickness...
 You helped me make your cupcakes.  You did the sprinkles, and before that, you cracked all the eggs for the batter.  We had a good time cooking together.
 Another cupcake picture.  Toppers by Polka Dot Press.
 Thank goodness for these premade little sandwiches.  Awesome "tires!"
 And because I am a raging case of OCD, I covered your water bottles with checked flag duct tape.  That stuff is cool!
 Your Grandpa Brooks brought his bike to join in the fun!
 Your friend Ben.
 Keelie and Issa
 Holy Moly.  Look at all the kids and trikes.  A few days before your party, I warned all the neighbors of this impending invasion.  And after the party, I gave them all cupcakes.  They seemed appeased. 
 My birthday Bear
 We played "Pin The Wheel on the Trike!"
 Daddy directing traffic
 Hahaha!!  Love this one
 Singing "Happy Birthday" to you
 You on your bike
I love this grin.  Such a big smile on my big boy.  And love that new birthday hat!

It was such a great day, and a fantastic way to celebrate your third year.  Predictably, this is where I will get all sappy and say that I can't believe how quickly it has gone by.  And I really do feel that way.  But man!  After all that partying, I am worn out.  It was so worth it, though, to see you having such a good time with your friends and family.  Cant wait for next year and all the changes it will bring!

Daddy and I love you so much!

* Birthday Portrait by: Dina Ivory Photography
* Birthday Invitations, Cake Toppers, Favor Bags and Thank-you Notes by: The Polka Dot Press
* Birthday Decorations by: Oriental Trading Company

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  1. Your little one is so blessed to have a mom who puts so much into his special day!! I've nominated you for a Liebster award! Please stop by and join in!!