Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Dear Ian,

You and I started this morning off a little rough.  You wanted something I didn't think you should have, you got cranky about it, I sent you to your room for whining and not using manners, and the tears began to flow.  It's the phase of life we're in, where I have to occasionally disagree with you, and you adamantly protest my decisions and rules.  It's TONS of fun, let me tell you.  (Son, please note that the last sentence was so loaded with sarcasm that it could self destruct at any moment.)  Ahem.  Where was I?  Oh yes.  Tantrums.  While they don't seem to be growing in number, they do seem to be developing an intensity that I don't think I expected from you.  Typically you're pretty chill, and you will acquiesce to my guidelines, but lately it's as if chill-ness was like the calm before the storm.  You were lowering my defenses so you could levy the big guns.  Well, keep in mind that it wont work and that we'll just have to figure this out, but in the meantime, it's been a little nutty around here.  This morning's episode had me standing in my bedroom counting to ten before I let you come down from your bedroom exile.  And I reminded myself that you've only been on the planet for only about a thousand days, and that you are still learning to navigate this little world I've created for you.  I also started thinking that one of these days you'll be 22 instead of just two, and I will miss the little creature that you are right now.

It's been a while since I did one of these "Ian in the Moment" posts (here's the last one, and here's one that's even older), so I thought it would be a good idea to capture you right now at two and three quarter years old.

All about Ian
2.75 years old

You love:
* the color purple.  The actual color, not the movie.
* cooking with Mommy and Daddy.  You and Daddy make the best pancakes.
* putting together large floor puzzles.  You can almost do a 36 piece puzzle by yourself!
* reading books.  Lately we've introduced Curious George and other longer books.
* playing with trucks and tractors.  When you get out of bed, you immediately start playing with them, and hearing you vrooming and put-putting around your room makes me smile.
* going to the park with Daddy.
* watching Caillou, Super Why and Curious George.
* you also love to curl up with Daddy and watch old episodes of Star Trek.
* lunch dates with Mommy.
* playing with your friends and cousins.
* drawing and coloring and playing with playdough.
*  Lovey.  'Nuff said about that one.
* ravioli, cherries (all manner of fruit actually) and tuna sandwiches from Subway.
* racing up and down the hallway of the house.
* playing your guitar, my french horn or any other instrument.  Lately we've even been having parades in our house where you assign Daddy and I an instrument, line us up and lead us around the house making all kinds of noise.

You do not like:
* broccoli
* having your toenails cut (you don't mind getting your fingernails cut, but you HATE it when I reach for your toes.)
* being left out of the conversation (tough noogies there, Bubba.  Sometimes you have to sit still and listen until it's your turn to talk).

You can:
* recite the alphabet and recognize and name all the letters.
* even recognize some words and are reading them.
* count to 12, and you've got the one-to-one correlation thing down.
* do simple addition and subtraction.  Daddy is the math teacher around here...
* Hop on one foot, gallop, balance, jump and almost do a somersault.
* draw a smiley face, cut with scissors and string small beads.

There's so much more what I could fill this post with, but I'm sure I've posted about them before.  It's amazing to look back on the older posts of what you were doing back then and compare that list to now.  Every day you're learning something new, getting better at a previously known skill or outgrowing baby things.  I'm glad I have this outlet to record little you so we can look back months or even years from now and see how far you've come.

No matter how hectic and frustrating our two-year-old issues can be, all I have to do is think about how in the future all those little skirmishes will wane compared to the bigger picture.  Bigger you, grown from little you.  Every day, every challenge will help you grow and change.  Hopefully for the better, since through me you are learning boundaries and what not.  Although right now, you probably just see me as a big grouchy ogre.

But this ogre loves you.

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