Friday, July 20, 2012

Total Recall

Dear Ian,

I got to thinking the other day about all the stuff we do and all the ideas I come up with to entertain and educate you and whether or not at this point you will remember any of it.  Well, you'll remember some by proxy due to this blog; me recording it for later will help you recall some of the fun and sometimes crazy things we do together in the name of fun.

Falling in the crazy category is what we did the other day.  After a morning lesson, which you were very patient throughout, and after a short nap (what is up with those, by the way?), we went out for a special snack.  Originally I was thinking ice cream, but since Mommy is trying to downsize, I figured we would go to Tropical Smoothie instead.  Mommy could get her sugar free smoothie, and you could have something with fruit in it and a little less sugar that ice cream.  No, this isn't the crazy part.  Well, Mommy turning down ice cream is a bit monumental, but the crazy part comes next.

You, completely mesmerized.
On the way home, we stopped off at the huge construction site that will soon become our Whole Foods store.  I had kinda scoped it out on the way to Tropical Smoothie, and there's an insurance office right next to it, that I thought we could sneak through their bushes and sit on the top of a hill to watch the trucks.  In reality, this "hill" was basically a drop-off into the construction site, so I figured it wouldn't be a good idea.  So instead, this nutty Mommy escorted you down the sidewalk, where we proceeded to sit and watch the big machines for about 20 minutes.  Yes, that's the crazy part.  We were sitting on a sidewalk about six feet from one of the busiest streets in Tallahassee.  I at least put my body behind yours, in the event a car came hurtling over the curb; I would stop it before it got to you.  HA!  Good thing no one from DCF happened to drive by that spot at that particular moment.  I was on guard, poised to single-handedly stop traffic if I needed to do so.

You, however, paid no attention to the crazy traffic behind you.  You were completely transfixed on the goings on below us.  There were track excavators, dump trucks, rollers, site dumpers and all kinds of dudes in hard-hats.  You were in Heaven, and at that moment, Thomasville Road traffic be damned, I was the coolest.  You kept saying, "Wow!  Thanks for showing me, Mommy!"  And that just melted my heart.  Or at least the part of my heart that wasn't leaping into my throat whenever a car sped by.
What we risked life and limb to watch. 

It truly was one of those moments that I hope you can remember and maybe look back on and think, "My mom stopped everything she was doing so I could watch big trucks.  Maybe I can send her to the nice nursing home."

Love you Bear,

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