Friday, July 27, 2012

I is for Ian!

Dear Ian,

Sweet boy, you never cease to amaze me with your ability to just do things.  You simply sit down and decide to do it.  From crawling, where you just got up and took off across the room, to walking, where you watched a video of your cousin Payton doing it and decided that you too needed to do that, to just about anything else.  You picked up my French horn and made a tone that would make a sixth grade beginning band student jealous, perfect embouchure and all.  You learned letters by simply watching, of all things, Vanna White and Wheel of Fortune.  And now, here you are again, just blowing me away by just doing something new. 

This morning, we went to the library.  I was looking for a particular book, so I needed to use the card catalog computer system thingie.  I put you up on the stool next to me, and you amused yourself by doodling with the pencils and scrap paper next to the work station.  I was deep into my search, so when you all of a sudden shouted, "Look Mommy!" (we really need to work on library voices), I was shocked.  Then I looked at what you showed me, and I was floored!!  There it was, carefully printed in your shaky script: a capital I.  You had written the first letter of your name! 

Now, I know the letter I isn't really a toughie, and let me tell you, I actually thought about that when naming you.  In all caps, your name is pretty linear, and probably pretty simple to learn how to print.  I figured it would make your life a little easier.  Mommy is type A, after all.  But I digress, and I DO NOT want to diminish what you did AT ALL!  I was just bursting my buttons over your new-found printing ability.  You carried your little paper around the library while we looked at books, but now I am not sure where it ended up.  But no matter.  You made up for losing it with lots of practice this afternoon.

 My little writer.  Mommy is so proud. 
 Printing in your favorite color.
 Practice makes perfect!  By the time you were finished, the paper was covered in the letter I. 

You know how to draw circles, so I am now waiting for you to figure out that a line and a circle makes your lower case A next.  Then there will be no stopping you.  Your name will be all over everything.  And I will love it!  Until you end up writing your name on something inappropriate.  I guess we'll need to have that talk next.  

Love you, I-A-N!  

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  1. "Your name will be all over everything." (c) Yes, it will be! But I wish it will happen soon! ;)