Sunday, July 15, 2012

Here Fishie Fishie

Dear Ian,

Congratulations!  You are now the proud owner of your very first pet!  What started off as a simple trip to Home Depot to purchase a shed turned into parenthood for you.  We were supposed to meet Grandma and Papa Davis at Home Depot so they could help us haul our new shed home.  Papa had to finish up mowing, so we got there a little before they did, so we wandered through PetSmart to get out of the heat and give you something fun to look at!  PetSmart is great for free entertainment of toddlers; we have done it many times before.  It's like a domestic-animal-zoo, and perfect for little people like you who are obsessed with animals.  In your case, fish are the main target of your obsession.  You wandered up and down the fish display for almost a half an hour asking me what kind each fish was, how old they were, etc, etc.  Finally, I broke down and just did a little recon to see how much set up costs would be for a simple goldfish.  The fish itself was very economical (13 cents, to be exact), which is what we needed for a starter fish-parenting experience.  What I found was also pretty good, price wise.  We could purchase a plastic bowl, a bag of gravel, food and water conditioner all for ten dollars!  I sent Daddy a quick email asking what he thought of the whole thing, and he approved of our fish purchase.

We walked down to Home Depot, and on the way I told you the exciting news.  The grin on your face was just priceless.  So as we strolled, hand in hand, I asked you what you wanted to name your new little fish.  Without hesitation you responded, "Pluto."  And you grinned.  So cute!  Pluto it was, and you never wavered on your name choice.  You told Grandma and Papa as soon as you saw them, told the lady at PetSmart, and when she handed you your little bag, you proudly held up your fish and said, "This is Pluto!"  I have absolutely no idea where you came up with this name.  The only thing I can think of is that we have been reading your Solar System book a lot; maybe we've read the part about the dwarf planet Pluto a couple too many times.  I know it's not from the Disney reference.  Either way, and however you came up with it, I have to admit, it's a cute and original name for a fish, especially from an almost-three-year-old.  

Pluto the fish, in his new home.
So far, Pluto has made it home in his bag, and he survived the transfer from bag to bowl, and now he's swimming happily in circles while you take a nap.  I am thankful for the fact that when the lady at PetSmart asked which kind and color of goldfish you wanted you simply said orange.  In the event that something were to happen to Pluto...  I think by now you see where I am going here. 

Anyhoo.  Daddy and I are hoping to help you learn responsibility with your fish, and we have already learned a rule: no putting hands in Pluto's water.  You've decided that you will feed Pluto at breakfast time, and I think I'm going to make a kid version of our household calendar so we can mark when it's time for us to change his water. 

Now we're pet owners, and I am excited to watch you learn to take care of your little pet.  I know that one day soon you'll be asking for a dog, a pony, or Lord forbid, a snake, but for now you are completely happy and smitten with your fish.  Happy Birthday to Pluto, and welcome to the family!

Welcome to the family, Pluto!
Love you and your new little fish bunches,
Mommy and Daddy
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