Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Works of Art #35

This was sort of an extended project.

All because of this book, you have been completely fascinated about the fact that you live on planet Earth.  I could tell you that someone lives in Cairo, Georgia, and your response is usually, "they live on planet Earth, too!"  So I've been trying to break it down for you from biggest to smallest where you and others live.  I've done this project before with my pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes, but I used stacking cups.  Since I packed yours away with most of your other baby toys, we decided to make a book instead.  Here you have: Where I Live, by you.  Congratulations, you're a "published author and illustrator." 

 The planet you live on is Planet Earth.  You do get the concept that there is water only on Earth, so we got the blue part down.  Had a hard time convincing you there was LAND on Earth, since the picture we were using for reference had clouds over most of the land.  I eventually impressed upon you that we live on Earth, and there is grass for us to stand on.  Alright!
 The country you live in is the United States.  Yes, I know I should have included our continent, but we'll get to the advanced version of this a little later on. 
 The State you live in is Florida.  I love how in your ideal little world, both our country and state are your favorite color.  Anyhoo.  Florida.  No laughing at my pictures, by the way.  Even if all the land masses sort of look like chicken nuggets.  And I feel that I also need to add that when we read the State of Florida page, it includes much yelling of "Florida State, Florida State, Florida State!  Wooo!!"
 The County you live in is Leon, and the City you live in is Tallahassee.  I tried to be correct here and include the county, but you're not quite getting that part. 
Finally: Home, sweet home.  You've known our street name for a while now, so it's about time to start teaching you the actual address.  We'll see how it goes.  

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