Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Works of Art #34

Summer is in full swing, and lately we've been having a blast doing all kinds of fun things both inside and outside.  Lately though, Mommy has been feeling a little under the weather, so playing outside has not been high on my list.  Today being one of those days, we went to Firefly Pottery and you got to paint a ceramic piece.  After much deliberation, you chose a guitar.  True to yourself, you decided you wanted to paint it purple.  Normally they give you a few colors to work with, and I figured you wouldn't be thrilled with just one color on your palate, so I took a creative approach to make all those happy ends come together.  Lately we have been talking about mixing primary colors to make secondary colors, and so I asked you what two colors made purple.  You promptly responded, "Red and blue!"  So the sweet, patient lady at Firefly put those two colors on your palate. 

You worked so hard on it, and it already looks pretty good.  Cant wait to see the finished product after they fire and glaze it and all.  Here's you doing your ceramic painting:

 Working so hard on your piece.  You hardly spoke at all during the entire process, and you were meticulous to make sure that all the white was covered.  I'm beginning to think maybe you got a little of your Mama's OCD.
Painting the inside.  The piece was actually a little box, so you got two pieces to work on.  You covered the inside, the bottom and the sides.  Again, no white showing.  Goober.
  The completely painted lid.  See, no white.  And I did not help, one little bit.  I basically sat there next to you for twenty minutes collecting dust while you worked away.  You really seemed to enjoy it, though, so it was worth it.

In about a week we will go pick up the completed piece.  You are already talking about  how "Daddy will be impressed with my painting work."  I'll make sure to update this post with a final photo.

Love you Bear,
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