Monday, July 2, 2012

Works of Art #33

Dear Ian,

I am a lunatic.  I'm sure by now you've figured that out, but it makes me feel better to just get it out there.  People understand that I understand the depth to which my neurosis runs.  You're almost three years old, and at this stage, due to my Child Development and teaching background, I knew that it was time for your drawings to start, well, taking shape.  You are an active man, and lately art just hasn't kept your attention.  Things like playing on your tricycle and just jumping around the house in general have trumped that sitting, quiet creative time.

I have to admit, I was starting to get a little antsy about it.  I know where you are supposed to be developmentally, and I didn't want you falling behind.  But, in true, typical Ian form, you did things at your own pace, at your own time and simply on your own, and you did this:

Yup, there it is.  Your first, unassisted smiley face drawing.  It is really going to make me sound nuts when I write "whew," but that's how I felt.  And I LOVE your little smiley man.  He's drawn in your favorite color, purple, and he's complete with legs and hair, too.  Awesome!  You were so proud of him that you ran right to the kitchen and hung him on our fridge.  Three more smiley pictures quickly followed this one, and now the side of our fridge is decorated with your little smiley men.

It's so neat to see you growing and developing, and not only that, it was nice to see you sit down at least once this summer and do something semi-quiet.

On a random side note, that desk you are sitting in used to be my desk.  It's also really cool to see my little boy sitting at a desk that used to occupy so much of my time.  It's like a weird time-warp surreal thing.

Now we're back to making noise and having fun, so I'll wrap up this blog post.  You better bet on the fact that this little picture is going straight into your keepsake box.  As soon as I can talk you into taking it off the fridge.

Love always,

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