Sunday, December 1, 2013

Prep Work

Dear Ian,

Happy December!  Today is December first, which means we have exactly 24 days until Christmas, and we've been busy trying to get into the spirit of the holiday. Yes, it may seem a little early, but we are typically pretty busy, so those days are going to fly by.  Santa, Daddy and I have already been conferring with each other regarding your behavior and what you would like for Christmas.  Decorations have been put up, and we've been busy little elves, thinking of gifts for others.

First things first, we had to decorate the house.  We got to work the Friday after Thanksgiving, while our Thanksgiving part two was in the oven.  Off to the shed we went to haul in the boxes of lights, ornaments, greenery and our organically challenged tree.  You were a huge help with the tree this year.  The branches are put on in an alphabetical order, and each branch has a letter.  You helped me group each set, and then we unfolded them and put them up.  You had an ulterior motive,though, I must admit.  I told you that we could put your Christmas train up once we had the tree assembled at lit.  You only asked me if we were finished yet about 96 times. 

Finally we got it up, lit and in place, and you got to set up your tracks and train.  You were thrilled to death, and got right to work.  Until we realized we needed new batteries in it, but once we got those, you were back to work.  Since then our train has been running pretty much non-stop, but you are one happy boy.  Best part of the morning: we were playing Christmas music the whole time we decorated, and at one point, you stopped, looked up at me and said, "I love this year." I am assuming you meant that you love this time of year, but regardless, it just made my day.

So now we have a decorated house.  What's next?  A visit to Santa and a letter, too!  The other day we headed to Bass Pro Shop.  I had never been in there, so we all went as a family, and guess who we saw?!  Santa!  He has a special little area set up in the store, and you got to talk to him about your Christmas wishes.  Santa and his helper elves had an area set up where you could write a letter to Santa, color a picture and make an ornament.  You worked really hard on your picture that you colored, and it turned out great!  Then you carefully wrote out your letter and put it in Santa's mailbox.  It was a lot of fun, and it really helped us get in the Christmas Spirit.
 Here you are putting your letter in Santa's mailbox. 

You posing with a reindeer.   I loved the set up they had.  It was so festive.

We've also started watching Christmas movies to get us in the spirit.  So far, we spent a Friday night watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer while drinking hot chocolate.  We've also watched The Cat In The Hat Knows  A Lot About Christmas and The Elf on the Shelf movie.  Of course, we have Otter creating all kinds of Christmas fun, and this afternoon we're going to a special Cookies and Milk with Santa event.  I can't wait.  I completely agree with you, Buddy.  I love this time of year.  I love seeing your face when you see decorations, and I love hearing you sing Christmas Carols when you think no one is listening.  I love seeing you in your festive jammies, and I it melted my heart to watch you put your special hand-made Ian ornaments on your own special tree.  Yes, I have a small tree by the front door for all of the ornaments you've made at school.  It's really cute and very special.

So there you have it.  We're working hard to fill our house and hearts with the Christmas spirit.  Each memory is special, and I hope that one day you will remember the fun we're now having.

Smooches, Christmas Bear,

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