Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Show Time!

Dear Ian,

No Christmas holiday would be the same without your Advent Christmas program, and as usual, Ms. Jan did a great job getting all the classes ready to perform.  Your class performance was great, and lucky you had a big audience in attendance to cheer you on.  Grandma Davis came to watch, and so did Aunt Megan, Uncle Gary, Payton and Taylor!  Of course Daddy and I were there.  

Ms. Jan getting your class all lined up.  It never ceases to amaze me how you all can get up in front of people and not lose your minds. 
 Ready to perform!
 Sitting next to your buddy Rawly.  We may need to work on your posture...
Your whole class on stage.  You sang a song about Baby Jesus, a song about camels and wise men, and then you played maracas in the song Santa's Jingle Bell Band.  You REALLY got into your maraca part.  And yes, I do have video.
 You and your classroom teacher, Ms. Jan after your show.
 You with your classroom teacher, Ms. Jackie.  We are so lucky to have such amazing teachers for you. 
And finally, the awesome Ms. Jan McLaughlin, your music teacher.  

It was a great Christmas show, and it really helped us get into the Christmas spirit, but it was a glaring reminder that the big day was even closer!  And now as I type this, tomorrow is Christmas Eve!  Mom has a ton of writing to do!

You make me so proud, and I cant wait to share this Christmas season with you!

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