Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Otter Antics, Week Three

Dear Ian,

Boy, these weeks have been just flying by!  As I write this post, we have exactly two weeks until Christmas.  When did THAT happen?!  We've been decorating, shopping for gifts and in general getting ready for the big day.  We've been pretty dang busy, andI am actually a bit behind on our Otter posts.  But I'm here, so let's get going:

You actually spent a lot of time having sleep overs with the Grands this week, but Otter followed you from place to place to keep an eye on your behavior.  But for the times the two of you were at home, he kept us hopping with some fun pranks!
 The week started off pretty tame, with Otter hanging out in your stocking.  He looks like he's waving hello!
On this morning we woke up to find him making paper snowflakes!  He even left extra paper so that way you could make a few snowflakes of your own!  He's sitting next to your school picture for this year.  Awww.
One morning, after a particularly good day of behavior, Otter felt like you deserved a little gift!  He brought you a special book of Christmas mazes.  He knows what you like!
Well, we knew the tame stuff wouldn't last long.  We woke up this morning to find that your nutty elf had gift-wrapped your potty!  Your laugh when you found him like this was absolutely great!  
Otter and Papa have something in common!  They both LOVE "Pepsi Juice."  We woke up this day to see that he had a little treat the night before.  Nothing like Pepsi and a fancy umbrella straw.
And finally we ended the week with Otter playing Super Elf and hanging from our chandelier in the dining room.  This did give him a good view of all of your goings on in the house.  

So there you have it: week three with Otter the Elf.  Only a few more weeks until Christmas!!  

I love you, Baby Bear!

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