Monday, December 23, 2013

"Snow" Much Fun

Dear Ian,

I have lived in Tallahassee all of my life.  From the top observation deck of the new capitol you can see the hospital in which I was born, where I attended middle school, high school and college all in a straight line.  Daddy and I got married in the big church just off FSU's campus, and we decided to keep Tallahassee our home.  You were born in the "new" hospital just down the road from our house.  It's a great place to live; lots of enriching things to see and do, FSU football, and of course our extended families.  However.  There's one aspect of Tallahassee that makes me sad to my core, especially during Christmastime:  The weather. 

Uncle Brian once compared living in Tallahassee to living in Florida's armpit.  And while geographically, it really does look like that, the biggest similarity is the humidity.  Ugh.  We don't get the gentle sea breezes of the coastal counties.  We get saggy, soggy summers.  We get wet winters where the damp cold reaches all the way into your bones.  And with that wet cold, we hardly ever get the benefit of snow.  I have to change the channel when "White Christmas" or "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" comes on the radio or TV music channel, so great is my jealousy. 

But this year, we managed to find a fun family activity and live a little vicariously of the people north of us who get that white fluffy awesomeness.  (I'm sure they are all ready for a bit of our Florida sun right about now, though.) 

We attended the Snow Festival!  The festival organizers had icy snow brought in for all us snow deprived Tallahasseeans!  It was held on Chiefs Field, and we had a great time building a snow tower and throwing snow balls at each other.  Only problem was it was 74 degrees, so the snow would melt a little and then refreeze making these rock hard snow balls.  We had to change our plan and just throw lightly formed hand-fulls of snow so we didn't knock one another unconscious.  It was a blast though!

Throwing a snow ball at Daddy.
 You and Payton making a snow tower.
 Our family in the snow.
 Cousins in the snow.
 You were having SO much fun.
Making snow balls.  The green "grass" (Chief's Field is astro-turf) next to the snow was funny to me.  

You had such a good time, and when it was time to leave you pitched an uncharacteristic fit about having to go home.  But I sort of felt the same way.  It was sad to leave our temporary Winter Wonderland to go back to Humid Town.  But one of these days maybe we'll get to have a white Christmas.  Who knows.  Maybe we can do a Christmas in Cohocton.  That would be neat. 

For now, Tallahassee snow will have to do, and we can keep dreaming of those White Christmases.

I love you!

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