Saturday, November 30, 2013

Otter Antics, Week Two 2013

Dear Ian,

Well, he's back and in full swing.  That crazy elf of yours has been all over, keeping watch over you and getting into tons of mischief.  Some of the situations he's been in have pretty fun, and it's been great to hear you laughing as you find him each morning.  Here's what's been happening over the past week:
 Crazy elf.  We found him one morning stuck in a toilet paper tube and rolled down the stairs.  We weren't sure if this was an accident or on purpose...
 The next morning, we found that Otter had been busy during the night.  He cut a bunch of paper strips and put up a countdown paper chain, showing the days left until Christmas.
He sure knows us.  We make paper chains for EVERYTHING!
On Tuesday, we found him hugging our turkey.  Thanksgiving was coming up, so I guess he was showing his love for the holiday.
Twas the day before Thanksgiving, and Otter decided to contribute to our thankful tree by making a leaf.  He wrote that he was thankful for you!
On Thanksgiving morning we found Otter having his own little feast.  Turkey, corn on the cob, pie, mashed potatoes and a roll.  Yummmm
On Friday we found Otter playing Bubble Pop on Mommy's cell phone, but I really needed it that day so when we weren't looking Otter moved to the bowl of tangerines and clementines to keep an eye on you.
And that brings us to today.  Otter left you a letter to fill out for Santa.  He also must really like the tree you painted the other day at Firefly Pottery.  He was giving it a big hug!
Here he is hugging your tree...
... and here is your completed letter to Santa.  We went to Macy's later that morning to put it in the big mailbox to Santa, but we'll write more about that later on.

Looking forward to seeing what that silly elf is up to tomorrow!

Love always,

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