Monday, November 11, 2013

Spooky Sweet

Dear Ian,

Well, I'm almost caught up to the end of October.  Next, and last, up is Halloween.  Last year you presented me with a costume challenge when you asked to be a tractor.  We pulled it off, and I waited with bated breath for what you were going to challenge me with this year. 

I was not let down. 

Sweet boy, I absolutely love to watch your brain and imagination at work.  There are moments when I wonder just what is going on in that little mind of yours.  This year's costume request was just as much of a challenge as last year'; you asked to be a solar system.  Yes, you read that right.  And one day when you are older and reading these letters on your own, maybe even asking your own child what he or she wants to be for Halloween, I hope you smile when you see just how we made this little request come to life.

Creating the sun's rays.
Thankfully you were able to help create your little costume.  And in all honesty, I didn't do a whole heck of a lot.  Just some gluing, ironing and sewing.  You painted all of the planets to create your solar system, and you cut out all of the rays for your sun hat.  Then, I went to work on Amazon looking for a black jacket.  You see, you wanted your planets to orbit around you, so we figured them hanging from your arms would be the easiest way to do that.  And then I figured a jacket would make taking it off and putting it back on much easier than trying to pull the whole universe over your head.  Yes your old mom occasionally has a good idea. 

painting a planet
So anyhoo...  Amazon shopping.  I managed to find a black hoodie, and then we went to Jo Ann Fabrics and bought a bunch of iron on star patches.  And I even found a little alien.  I couldn't resist.  We also found a foam visor that you wore upside down that we could glue your sun rays to to turn you into the sun.  Worked out pretty well.  Then came the hanging of the planets, which turned out to be easier to do than I originally thought.  Thanks to some black ribbon, push pins, hot glue and thread, you were quickly turning into the sun being orbited by planets.  The end result was pretty dang super, and you were so incredibly pleased with your little solar system. 

Like last year, your class got to dress up and parade around the school courtyard for the parents and younger classes.  Your teachers, either by genius planning or sheer awesome coincidence, lined you up in front of a little boy named Jonathan dressed as an astronaut.  That was pretty hilarious.  Since I was parading with my own class of costumed kiddos, Daddy got to go and watch, and thankfully he and Ms. Patti got some good pictures of you all dressed up.
 My little solar system, parading around the courtyard.
You and astronaut Jonathan.  After school that day, you told me in the car on the way home that he was an astronaut "all up in your space."  I don't know if you intended to be that funny, but it was dang hilarious to me.
Your class all decked out in costumes

you with your costume contest prize
 That afternoon, before trick or treating, we found out that Publix was having a costume party.  We needed to go to the grocery store anyway to get paper plates and stuff for dinner that night, so we joined in the revelry.  You ended up winning in your four to seven year old age group!  Your prize?  You won a cake and a gift card to Toys R Us!  You were so excited with your dessert, and Mommy was thrilled about that gift card.  Can we say Christmas shopping help?! 

After the Publix costume contest, it was time to get home and get ready to run around taking candy from strangers.  This Halloween was super special in that four of your five cousins went trick or treating with us.  Uncle Brian, Aunt Maggie and Nole were in town from Atlanta for the FSU game and Uncle Brian's birthday, so they came over to the house.  Uncle Gary, Aunt Megan, Payton and Taylor came over again like last year, and so did Grandma and Papa Davis.  We ordered Chinese food, but apparently so did all of Tallahassee, so it took a bit to get to the house.  We used that time to start our trick or treating rounds.  You managed to trick or treat all the way down our main neighborhood street, both up and back, and one side street before you decided that you had had enough.  Buy that point, you were hungry, tired and hot.  And as you were about to melt down, we saw the Chinese Food Delivery Person drive down the street.  Yup.  It was time to be finished. 
 I loved watching my little Solar System trick or treating.  Sigh.  On the years where your costume contained something warm, Tallahassee weather decides to throw us a random heat moment.  For example, your first Halloween costume was a little candy corn bunting made out of felt.  Temperature?  80 degrees.  your next costume was a little viking baby john john turned dress.  Not a lot to it.  The temperature?  50something.  Then this year you had a jacket, and it was in the 70s again.  I'm sorry Bear.  One of these years we will get it right.  Uncle Gary and Payton and Taylor were the Smurfs this year, and Nole was a monster.  His costume was pretty warm too.  But he was adorable, just the same.  Pay and Tay were painted blue for their costumes, and poor Uncle Gary got called everything from Santa Claus to the Travelocity gnome.  Everything but the Papa Smurf he was intending to be.  It was actually quite funny.  Well, to us it was funny.  Not sure about Uncle Gary thinking it was funny.  Here are some more pictures from our Halloween trick or treating adventures:

Santa, I mean, the gnome, I mean Papa Smurf with Baby Smurf and Smurfette.
 Nole the Monster.
 You and some of Viking Daddy as you trick or treated from house to house.
 You and Pay getting treats!
The boys hanging out on the couch with lollypops and It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!  This was after you filled your belly with lo mien noodles.  Much happier man...

Happy Halloween, Bear!  Can't wait for next year!

Love always,

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